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Suggestion for a great game

Hi all.

I’ve been anchored at the level of Forest Gamberro for some time. I’m level 31 and despite everything I keep playing every day and trying to create great dragons that allow me to keep moving forward.

The question is, no, I can not play in story mode (only get new dragons) I can only play repeatable tasks and daily, the thing for repeatable tasks is very heavy and tedious to play by spending 5 beams per game alone.

I suggest the possibility of putting a multiplier (X2, X3, X4 …) in repeatable tasks where once you do a task you spend more rays at one time and so do not become so heavy, of time, collecting daily experience.

Without further ado, I would like to thank you in advance for your attention.
a greeting


Why can’t you play in story mode?

You can auto play repeatable quest. Let the game play and come back a minute or so later to collect rewards. Can burn thru energy in a few minutes while you do other things.

@Talisax he can’t play story mode because he can’t get past the level. I’m guessing its one of those levels where you are higher yet still can’t beat it?

So he CAN play? Big difference between can’t play and can’t progress.

What I mean, is that I can not progress in the story mode and only play in repeatable tasks, which is very slow spending five to five rays

The repeatable quest only takes a minute. You should be able to burn all of your energy within 10 minutes or so. A little longer if you use auto battle