Suggestion for afk players


Too many time have I entered the battle arenas, only to have to wait the full 15 seconds for the other player to be automatically initiated. Something needs to be done to limit the a AFK players. Such as if you do not manually select an option for two times during a battle then you automatically lose that battle. Players should not be allowed to just join the battle and walk away and allow the battle to continue by automatic selections


It isn’t so much they are AFK as there are still connection issues to be sorted out.

As someone who has been dropped from a battle several times, it’s already frustrating to finally get back into the match when it’s suddenly a 2-to-1 against to try to recover from. You want to punish people in that position more for something they can’t control?


Too many connection issues at the moment to introduce punishments like this - I think the 15 second thing is fine.


I’m guilty of sometimes just closing the game when I see raptor then utahraptor etc and just want to leave. So I force close, because they need to add a surrender option.

I get it’s not a classy thing to do but I know when to call a loss a loss and I’m not a huge fan of wasting my time.

I’ve probably only ever done it 3 times ever but yeah, the other player will end up facing the timer.

As a side note it’s quite amusing and surprising when I forget and a couple of hours later am faced with a ‘deafeated’ screen instead of the usual map on resume haha.


Or, they just want to drop trophies to a lower arena. I mean it’s really tempting to get into battle and go do your other stuff in rl. That’s why a forfeit button should be handy and implemented