Suggestion for Alliances - chat/donation tabs

So a simple suggestion that I have is that we have 2 separate pages on the Alliance tab, one for the chat and the other for the dna donations, as they get mixed up and some donations get lost in the messages after a while… would solve that bit :slight_smile:


Also, remove DNA requests that aren’t from the members of your alliance. This bug definitely needs to be fixed.


Yes to the post and the first reply! Ludia, please fix these things.

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How are people not in the Alliance able to request DNA? Surely you have to be a member to ask?

It’s a bug that keeps showing the requests from members of alliances you left. My current Alliance is being bombarded by the members of at least 3 alliances, all crowding out our own requests.


Like this? Yeah, they need to get this fixed

I see. That makes sense now.