Suggestion for arena battles against high level opponents


I have posted this as answer in another thread, but i wanted to post it again as a separate thread to ask for all your comments and feedback. What do you all think of such a solution? " I would like to propose a slight matchmaking algorythm tweak: next season reset players to maximum 500 trophiea less in order to avoid to high level discrepancies between opponents at the start of each tournament. For example: players at 6000-6500 trophies to reset to 6000, 5500 - 5999 to reset to 5500, 5000-5499 to reset to 5000…you get the point ;-)"


Then there would be no point in resetting at all.


Ludia wanted all top players to start from the same point so they would have equal chances to rise in ranks.


Top players are starting at the same point in the proposal: for example +6000 players starting all at 6000 reset. There is no point in putting +6000 players at 3500 trophies or even at 5000 trophiies, as they will get to +6000 anyways with their higher level dinos and skills. They will only just frustrate players who have never reached 6000 trophies because of low level dinos or less skills and make them potentially stop playing because of this.