Suggestion for boost limit per creature level

Continuing the discussion from How valuable are boosts, and why are they so disruptive? I applied some data:

I mentioned this suggestion in the other thread:

What about maybe if they make applying boosts related to the level your creature has? So for example, you can boost a T Rexs speed, health, attack to a certain point but not further unless you level it up some more. The limit of boosts would be dependent on the creature’s level thus making it still necessary to collect more dna and coins to level it up before you can continue boosting it.

So each creature level would have a specific pre set max. Once you level it up you will be able to boost it again until you reach the next max.

What do you think of this idea? Could it solve something?

Reply with example by PQC:

Thought I’d put this in suggestions so it won’t get lost


Loving that idea. Would balance out the crazy boosts in the game

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If boosts have to stay (and it looks like they do) then something like this would be a compromise that doesn’t make levelling (mostly) pointless - it would need to be combined with a boost nerf though and limited sales to be truly effective, but hey, step at a time.

(If Ludia adopt this - :pig:s might :airplane: - then @MissMaiasaura and I will accept 5,000,000 coins each for our idea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

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:joy: sounds like a good deal lol

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It seems a little silly to limit boosts by rarity level. Why not just limit boosts by rarity altogether? Let uniques (regardless of current level) only have 10 boost levels to work with, and they have to pick and choose where they want those boosts to go. Mostly speed? Then your hp/attack will suffer. Mostly hp/attack? Then you will remain slow. Creates unique builds and doesnt become a ridiculous/endless money sink for what amounts to just buying levels in the end. Lower rarity should be allowed more boosts (15 for Legendary, 20 for epic, etc) so that they might actually be relevant in the meta.




The reason I suggested boosts to be creature level based is because most criticism I read on the forum so far has been about being outplayed by lower level players who had to invest far less time/coins/etc on their creatures than higher level players.

Another option which might work too would be to make it player level dependent (like with the max dna which can be donated to you which depends both on player level as well as rarity) so that players still need to level up enough creatures to be able to get to use more boosts on their creatures.

This could be combined with several other suggestions I saw on the forum, like yours. Or removing speed boosts and only allowing the other two, which I also see suggested pretty often.

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All quality ideas. Anything feels better than the current iteration. They could make boosting really good, and only a minor money grab, and even bring other dinos back into the meta. And yet the final decision was what we have now. I really wonder how people get the jobs they have that make these decisions where it seems they’re woefully underqualified.

Totally non-JWA related, but have you seen this? I keep meaning to watch it…

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Unicorn Store. I liked it.

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Awesome! I keep seeing it on my Netflix :joy:
I’ll usually watch downright anything with Samuel L. Jackson…

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