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Suggestion For Boss Event Prize Wheel

Currently the Boss Event prize wheels are…sub-optimal to say the least. We spend 30 bucks on the event and we have a 40% chance of coin or food pack that gives 65 LP? C’mon. At least boost the packs to say, 200,000 a card for food and 400,000 per card for coin. Another disappointment is the B-DNA, can you even get above 10?

New Prize Wheel suggestion for Havoc League:
5% chance at platinum pack
5% chance at legendary evo booster
10% chance at super rare evo booster
1% chance for all the legendary dinos
1% chance for all super rares
10% chance at B-DNA (Max 750)
10% chance at DNA (Max 750)
15% chance at DB (Max 500)
15% chance at LP (Max 500)
10% chance at coin pack (400,000 per card with 130 lp)
10% chance at food pack (200,000 per card with 130 lp)

(I’m guessing that there will be 7 legendaries and 8 super rares)

This way it will be more worth it and the recource packs will also be decent for low level players. Maybe the chances at recources will be higher the lower rank you get. Please consider this, thanks!
Edit: Changed it a bit so the recource chances is lower and the good prizes like the packs are higher, also added in DNA which I forgot yesterday.


Still wouldn’t be worth it. They need to massively reduce the % chance of getting food/coins. That’s what kills the entirety of bosses for me. Legit such poor chances of getting anything of value.

And that’s just what would give me a reason to double take at pursuing the higher reward tiers. To get me to actually support and like bosses they need some sort of main game integration.


Yes this could be good to say the least.