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Suggestion For Devs


Hey team. Love the game, but there are quite a few areas that I would like to see improvements.
I like the concept behind the new Challenge mode rewards, but considering we use gold to get into a Challenge, I think a bit more reward is necessary. Maybe we could get all of the dice rewards instead of choosing only one?
I’d like to see the choice for each battle be a bit more meaningful. I understand the idea behind choosing which monsters to fight, but perhaps we could get different rewards for a choice between a harder or easier fight, or higher chance of having a secret room next by checking for extra details.
Adding onto that, DnD is about adventuring. Fighting is a big part of that but adventuring is also about exploring, and using skills other than for combat. The rogue could pick locks, the wizard could dispel magic like illusions, or cast a spell to activate magic. The fighter or barbarian could pull heavy levers or bash doors. The cleric could pray for guidance. Not asking for anything too in depth, but you get the idea.
Also I would like to see the battlefield have a little more to it, like more spaces, and having a boss battle have minions as well to slow you down.
I hope that there will be more character choice, as well as more item/skill choice. It feels kind of stale using the same characters with the same items over and over. We’re missing almost half the classes, with only one red Archetype (I realize that it’s only beta, I’m hoping for full release that these will happen).
Again, love the game, just hoping for more improvements for when it fully releases. Keep up the great work!


Oh yeah, the 8th hero spot! I keep forgetting how tilted I get when I notice there is only one red hero…

Can I suggest a Druid for this spot? A backup healer is desperately needed, and he could do for the cleric what the warlock does for the wizard.


I think if we’re getting new characters we should get all the rest of the classes. Sorcerer would probably be purple, paladin would be red, maybe monk could also be red, bard yellow, druid blue. I would be extremely happy with this set up.


Yeah, monk would be great!

The way the game works now paladin might be hard to distinguish from the cleric, but any alternatle healer would be great.