Suggestion for dinos


One feature they could add is one like In Pokemon go where you could use and item to draw things closer. I think they could implement this into this game so you could play it from just 1 spot


I have an idea for a couple of new hybrids. Trex/Sarcosuchus
Trykosaurus/Erlidominus = Erlitrydominus
And if there is any water dino updates.
Edmontonia is a new type of Ankylosaurus that you should add, its a 20-foot-long, 3 ton Ankylosaurus.


Flying dinos but that wouldn’t be fair.


Wouldn’t it be fun to see a hybrid of Monolophosaurus and Dilophosaurus: Trilophosaurus with three large crests and a short frilled sail.


Oh dear god… this game is not PoGo. It’s far and away superior to PoGo. Stop making suggestions that will turn the game into PoGo.

For the love of… some people just want to watch the world burn, don’t they…


first of all they have to release the dinos that actually we get only by incubator or release some of that dinos and add new ones, but maybe it will be the same, some of that new dinos will only be available on incubator :frowning:


This game is so jacked up right now the last thing you want is for more things to be added until they fix the current problems plaguing the game.

Then watch as they add those new things and the game breaks.

This game in it’s current state isn’t worth spending ANY money on in any form.