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Suggestion for DNA request in Alliance


I got an idea about the current DNA request in alliance. Instead of requesting the DNA we want, how about providing the DNA we can donate, then other members can take whatever they need. There is no limit for donations(once your donation is all gone, you can start a new donation right away; unless the time is up, the untaken DNA will be returned to you) but the amount of DNA we can take is limited. In this way, I think it’s more efficient for DNA exchanging than the current DNA request method.


I’ve thought about having it as a DNA bank rather than the selling method at the moment. You can put how much DNA you want in but you can never take out more than you have ever put in. The only issue I figured was what if an Alliance had 20 of X DNA and two or more players tried to take it at once?

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Maybe a DNA trade?
Instead of donating 20+20+20+20 and getting max, you can put “willing to trade 200 ankylo gen 2 DNA for 200 utahraptor!”, and trade!

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I like your idea!


Sometimes you want to trade A for B, but the person who has B doesn’t want A, he may want C. So I think donation without any requirements is more practical.

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But it’s for anyone to take the offer.


except there’s 140+ dinos. most of which everyone has avaliable. also most of which no one wants. requests works much better.

trades are probably coming at some point. and just like clash royale they will requires trades tokens and each player will have to have one for the rarity being traded. probably won from strike events, etc. like scents.