Suggestion for how to make the game fun (and not grindy)

Many people (myself included) point out how “grindy” this game is. For most of us, grindy = not fun. When a game is not fun, something needs to be done to fix it.
So, why is it “grindy” in the first place? Because the only repeatable and cost effective way to acquire xp (and gold which is also needed for xp) is to run the same challenge (Sharpstone) over and over and over and over. Literally hundreds (eventually thousands) of times just to go up 1 level. Doing the same thing thousands of times is not fun.
To eliminate the “grindiness”, the game needs additional sources of xp (and gold). Battle mode should reward some xp. The battle mode chests need to be quicker to open, and/or allow us to dump unwanted chests. You should be able to go back to any previously explored area, and fight there again (for xp and gold). Allow multiple activities to yield the resources we need, so it’s not the same thing every day, thousands of times in a row.


P.S. My suggestions are all with respect to updating existing features to make things better. But an even better solution is to introduce an entirely new play mode to provide more coins and gold. The only reason I didn’t mention that in the original post is because that obviously takes more more time and resources to accomplish.