Suggestion for iron

It’s been a long time but you should realize that getting iron is hard developers. I would recommend you to put another way to buy iron like fish and wood with runes. please implement this as fast as possible as it takes a lot of time to progress further.


1- Look for good iron gatherers and train them in priority.
2- Make full use of the half price training events which come around every month or so, you can save a ton of iron this way.
3- It gets easier the higher level you are.

Here are the best dragons for iron gathering (stats in parenthesis at max level):
Wood for iron: Stonewall (450M for 1050 in 2h37); Dustbrawler (499M for 1051 in 1h03); Trailtwister (400M for 840 in 13h07); Aurvandil (250M for 315 in 1h12); champion Windgnasher (250M for 262 in 1h18).
Fish for iron: Schmoozer (425M for 1050 in 1h45); Sweet Wraith (400M for 840 in 13h07); Rattling Smokebreath (100M for 210 in 2h06); Dramillion (450M for 672 in 1h03).

A few premium dragons are pretty good too. And last but not least, the little chickens have the absolute best conversion rate - 1 fish for 1 iron - but their gathering speed is slow.

Good luck and have fun!

Yes, Schmoozer is a soooo good. It helped me a lot.

I know these are ways you could get iron, I was only asking you to implement another way to get iron with runes just like fish and wood.


I agree, we should be able to purchase iron. Trying to get 5000 iron and level up dragons who require iron for leveling up, is quite frustrating.
I also miss when trying to level up Meade Hall, it would tell you how many more dragons you needed to level it up. Too bad there isn’t a way to highlight the dragons based on the highest level, say add a dot next to their names such as a Green for the highest, Yellow for the next level, etc. But only do it for the very highest dragons you have say over level 90.


finally a person who agrees with me. ludia should use our suggestions as it is a issue we face.

I like the idea of amber statues improving iron production just like they improve wood and food production. It would be a quick easy way for the developers to make iron production easier.