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Suggestion for Jurassic World Alive 2.0

For next year, like the 2nd movie Jurassic Park, the Lost World where they found the dino’s were laying eggs.

Add eggs under some of the drops where you don’t see dino’s spawning at long range. Make it so you have to be within 25 meter diameter to find eggs, unlike the dino’s 50 meter distance. Then you can add separate incubators for those with different incubating times based on common, rare, epic or legendary with longer times for each. We then extract DNA from the eggs.

Of course Ludia can still use this as a money making thing where you can spend the cash to hatch faster or spend real cash to buy extra incubators. Sorry if it is a bit like the “like” other game. Just don’t make it so you have to walk to hatch.

Along with collecting all the dino’s we can also work on collecting all the dino eggs.