Suggestion for Ludia about Special Events

As you have probably seen, tons of people complain on the forum about not finding any event creatures they want, due to horrible congestion and way too many options. Remember last valentines and st patty’s when this wasn’t an issue?

Today, leap day, we had 15 dinos in the pool. Additionally, we had the weekly epics too. Even worse, you made it so legendaries/uniques had an extremely small spawnrate in the event pool. I bussed around for 3 hours and found 2 legendaries.

How can you improve on this? (Take notes Ludia)

1. Never have 2 different rarities of dinos spawn on the same day, especially when one of them is legendary/unique. Unless it is a single unique attempt, in which case you can pool it with the weekend epics. This basically halves the amount of congestion, making it that much easier for us.

2. Give us more than 1 day to dart all these legendaries if you don’t split rarities. This allows us to have more time to find them, even if we can’t find them quickly.

3. In the case of events that must be just 1 day, do not put 5 rarities (15 dinos) into 1 event spawn pool, especially with unequal rates! Because even if we finally come across an event drop, it’s a gosh darn common velociraptor instead of a legendary or unique! You know that nobody is going to dart the commons/rares when there are legends anyways, so why even bother putting them into the event spawnpool? It just annoys everyone.

Anyways these are my suggestions, and I really hope you guys can take them into consideration for st patty’s, because if this happens again, I won’t be buying VIP for events anymore. I bought it today to dart some nice legends and found only 2 in 3 hours of hunting, which I didn’t even want.

This is getting long but I just needed to do some polls.
Vote on whether you found 5 of the creatures you actually wanted today.

  • Found 4-5 of the creatures I wanted on Leap day
  • Found 1-3 of the creatures I wanted
  • Found absolutely none of the creatures I really wanted

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If you did find all 5, comment how long it took.

Vote on whether you want to see these suggestions implemented

  • Absolutely!
  • Maybe
  • No

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Wait there is going to be a St. Arena Imbalancing Day Event? Why? That is unfair to the top 500 players who exploited last year’s event to get a leg up.


I can only assume so, since they are still giving us special events with legendaries/uniques all the time. We might get less attempts though, but let’s hope it’s easier to find what we want

This week’s leap event was completely lame. Doesnt make any logical sense in implementation. Either have a whole week of this theme or narrow it down to just Legendaries and Uniques or Epics, Legendaries and Uniques.

As for St. Pats Day, its likely to be Snake Day with the 2 Titanoboas, Dilophoboa and SpinoCon. So 4 creatures spawning might not be as bad. 3 of which are pretty good. Probably 5 attempts.


Yep. This event was horrible. Found nothing i actually wanted. Just started darting whatever legend showed up since it’s free dna. I still got 3 attempts left, but why bother if it’s not anything i actually want.

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I kinda like the idea of having specific day events…
But they do need to improve them.
Make them hard? Fine, but right now is almost impossible without walking 20kms or driving 100 miles…
Like, are we crazy? This events are supposed to increase the desire to play, to let you connect again with the hunt…
Instead, you are being driven to dispair, tired and basically one step away from sending this game into the trashcan.
Change this, please.


Yeah i really hate the way this event was handled. Hope this doesn’t happen again


I found all five pyrris, but It was an absolute pain. I took me about 6 to 7 hours. I went out once, found 3 of them. I drove so much that i ended up getting all my diplodocus attempts too. Then i had to go back home to charge my phone. Went out again, and after driving to places i never went before, and overall all over my city (It isn’t too big), i got the last 2. Sigh

Hunting should be fun. this event was not fun. Mostly exhaustion and/ or disappointment.

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Other than your suggestions, one thing that reaaally needs to be done is increase the number of supply drops, both the orange ones and green ones. It’s been an issue since that map change in 1.10( i believe), many people complained and still hasn’t been solved. There are just not enough suply drops. Simple as that. Today would not have been such a pain If there were more event drops. Some areas had nothing. I took 6-7 hours to complete the event driving, this is absolutely Impossible by walking.

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1 day events are fine. So long as they are designed to be an adventure not a slog. The idea of 5 attempts on essentially what is 1 week of dinos is weird. Leap Year Event would be better than a 1 day event, just make the day itself more exciting like towers and the appearance of the legendaries and uniques.

This 1 day event is too much content in too little bandwidth.

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I honestly think that the JWA would be TONS better for players if the attempts to dart the different EVENT CREATURES, WASN’T a combined count of the attempts on ALL of them. FOR EXAMPLE- I can’t dart an Erlikogama that’s in range because it says that I don’t have any attempts left for this event! I haven’t even seen 1 of those until just a few minutes ago! I can’t dart DELTA or BLUE either! I’ve attached a couple of screenshots to help explain what I’m talking about…

I’m still out, I’m not being too picky. Darted one Indo and one Indo G2 so far, passed 2 Smilocephs, but I have loads of its ingredients’ DNA.
I really only wanted Pyrri and Allo, but haven’t found any of those so far.