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Suggestion for new Dragons and characters

I have some ideas about characters and dragons,

  1. I see a new dragon and character in the game: Dawn of new rider - Scribber character and Patch dragon

  2. Can add hiccup’s father Stoick with his dragon Thornado?


I think it would also be great for all of the characters to be able to go on quests.


Unfortunately Stoick died in How To Train Your Dragon 2 and these events also play out in the Rise of Berk story.

So we won’t get Stoick as a rider but you can get Thornado, as well as Skullcrusher who becomes Stoick’s dragon in later series, and later becomes Eret’s dragon after the end of How To Train Your Dragon 2.

As for the game exclusive dragon, it may be possible as we have Bayana’s Silkspanner in the game, and that dragon comes from other HTTYD media.


There are some characters from books and series who are missing in the game as well, such that:

Gothi - Gothi’s Pet

Atali - Wingnut

Bayana - Bayana’s Silkspanner

Mala - Mala’s Eruptodon (Missing dragon)

Alvin The Treacherous - Groundsplitter


Technically we already have Gothi and Alvin, but I’d like to see more character from the tv series as well, such as the ones you mentioned, and Heather.