Suggestion for new event week(s)


Idea for a future event week: Animals with a fin

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday: Dimetrodon Gen 2, Suchomimus, Irritator Gen 2

Thursday/Friday: Dimetrodon, Spinosaurus, Suchotator

Saturday/Sunday: Spinosaurus Gen 2, Secodontosaurus, Ouranosaurus

This weeks featured dinos

Ouranosaurus pleeease where i’m living the local area that dino spawn it’s too small i have seen like 3-4 times


Another idea: counter-attack

Monday/Tuesday: Majungasaurus, Lythronax,

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday: Megalosaurus, Carnotaurus, Tuojiangosaurus

Saturday/Sunday: Rajasaurus, Concavenator, Kentrosaurus


And no.3, Need for speed:

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday: Velociraptor, Deinocheirus, Tanycolagreus, Nundasuchus

Thursday/Friday: Ornithomimus, Erlikosaurus Gen 2, Utahraptor

Saturday/Sunday: Erlikosaurus, Pyroraptor


So, instead of using my ideas they just repeat an event from 5 weeks ago. Well, at least there’s something handy featured…


I suggest players choice by a forum poll. Top 4 fav common. Top 3 fav rare. Top 2 Epic.

Call it players choice week.

I’m fully aware this is a captain obvious suggestion. :ship:


I already did some polls…
my suggestions here are based on them