Suggestion for new updates

i have a suggestion for future updates. It would be nice to have the the names of dinosaur in the hatchery and the creation lab. When it takes 6 days to process I can’t remember what the dinosaur is. Thanks


I agree. Also, an option to purchase additional incubators as you can end up stuck for days when all incubators are full with long- hatching dinos!


Agreed. Hatch times ard too long and cause legit players to quit.

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That would be kind of interesting you could also make them and bold coloring of the type of dinosaur herbivores for green part of words for red flyers for yellow and amphibians for blue that way people can identify what they are hatching and what dinosaur and I think the names should be a little bit bolder on the dinosaurs in the market around the edges if I may say so

That was supposed to be carnivores for red sorry

Add more dinos… Brachiosaurus, tarbosaurus, baryonyx. Aquatic hybrids.

Make it to where instead of temporarily buying incubators Make it to where you pay more but you get the incubators forever and never have to pay again for them

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I suggest adding the Cumnor Pliosaur. I made a post about it if u want more info.

I really would like the booster pvp matches updated. The ‘other player’ has no problem busting out lv 3 and 4 boosts. This requires you to use at least lv 2 or 3 boosts. The cost of those is staggering: hundreds of thousands of meat and even millions of coins. Your reward if you win? Bout 12K meat or 25k coins which can recoup about 1/10 the cost it takes to compete. These should be high lv high difficulty complex matches with greatly increased rewards. You should even consider Dino buck/DNA only rewards since I promise you the vast majority of players don’t utilize this battle mode.

Theya already have that

Nah they have Pliosaurus. The Cumnor Pliosaur is not the same thing. It is basically the WWD Liopleurodon but then they discovered that it wasn’t Liopleurodon. (The small Pliosaur in the pic is the real Liopleurodon) (of course the big one is the Cumnor Pliosaur) [Credit: dragonthunders on deviantart]

I expected to see these at some point! Just a pack of like 10 v whatever big a** thing comes out :muscle::joy:


Nvm the Cumnor Pliosaur is just Pliosaurus Macromerus now. Still different from Pliosaurus Funkei depicted in JW right now

Sorry to bump this, but I wanted to add support for the OP’s suggestion. It really is hard to tell what is hatching sometimes. As a patient player and not one to immediately speed up multi-day hatchings I definitely lose track and can’t tell what’s hatching. The color coding is a nice touch but a name would be even better. Thanks!

Old thread, but a good original suggestion.

Two more ideas that I would appreciate:

  1. It’d be great to know how long a dinosaur incubates before we hatch it. Then I can be smarter about picking which of my cards I use in that first slot in the hatchery.

  2. The recent addition of two (much cheaper!) fusing tubes in the research center this past weekend (same weekend as the Halloween Alpha 06 event) was terrific. Much appreciated, and it’d be welcomed back any time you care to return it!