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Suggestion for Non-Monday Unlocks

So, here’s what we know, some creatures of special events can be obtained by their respective events, or unlock weeks. However, as revealed in the forum earlier, some creatures will not be added to Monday unlocks but only have chances in prize wheels.

I have a few suggestions for this -

One, make them unlockable via Dino Bucks. This may clash with the existing level 10 instant creature with DBs, but it would be better if we could unlock them with DBs too.

Second, Tournaments, and non-Bracketed ones. Even if it is Brachiosaurus-tough competition, it would be worth it for unlocking. Some of those Commons, Rares, Super-Rares and Legendaries would be 100% worth it for unlocking via Tournaments, and non-Bracketed so that everyone gets a shot at them.

The list, as far as I remember -
Common : Tuojiangosaurus, Coloborhynchus, Pelicanimimus
Rare : Pyroraptor, Allosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Tyrannotitan, Nasutoceratops, Corythosaurus (Carnotaurus is a locked one for me, but I’ll get him in the next unlock week)
Super Rare : Rajasaurus, Metriorhynchus, Euplocephalus, Supersaurus, Aerotitan
Legendary : Dimetrodon, Prionosuchus, Sarcosuchus, Scaphognathus

If we had a shot at these guys, it would be totally awesome. What do you guys think? For those who played before update 38 they won’t be having this issue, but for us newer players, this is kind of a barrier.


Yeah? 15*7850 DB(over a hundred thousand DB) for a Prionosuchus and the unlock? That does not sound quite right,purchase 8 of them and do not unlock over 15 times the cost to unlock,and then hatch them with the space in your hatchery and then use DNA to purchase multiples?

@anon43877113 that’s why I gave a second suggestion of Tournaments. I know the DBs thing is a bit implausible, but then again…

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Include Shunosaurus in the non Monday unlocks!

Oh yeah, sorry… I had that one from Bracketed tourney so forgot to include that one.

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I would rather have tournaments over paying excess DB.

Ludia could at least make the Packs in prize drop (ex. Amargasaurus Pack) unlock the creature. Exluding VIPs. This would actually make spending DBs on lottery sort of worth it.

I understand your point ; At the moment as far as weirders I’m only interested in Pyroraptor yesterday I got another copy of pyroraptor at the PVE event; of the others you mention in some way I have 5 or 6 of them ;with a 7th I would not bother to spend DB to take it to 40 and merge it. As for the legendary; from time to time there are tournaments that I can’t get to dominate and I get 2 copies of legendary or PVE events, among them the prionosuchus and Suchomimus now I have 1 nvl 30 of both. I think you just have to be patient; It took me months to get Monolophosaurus.

I think they need a plan, however I think I would be opposed to bucks for unlocks for non-VIP and non-tournament dinos. There are so many tournament dinos that I think should be from tournaments, and already it seems we’ve only had one actual tournament unlock a tournament Dino I. The last 7 weeks.

I think the best way would be after reaching a certain level, have the unlocks available for 50mil coins or something. So at let’s arbitrarily say 35 for commons, 55 for rare, 70 for super rare, 85 for legendary. They could even limit it so you can only do one unlock per week or two weeks if they want to drag out the process longer.

Personally, I also don’t understand why they don’t just add all of those Dinos to the Monday unlock rotation. That would make the most sense. I fear that many newer players once they realise a number of Dino’s cannot be unlocked Within a reasonable amount of time will either quit or pay less to move forward. Why pay to get your fifth ostifrikasaurus? But people would spend more to get their first dimetrodon. That seems like a win win for players and ludia.

If there are some unlocks that are not going to be available at all for newer players I will probably play a lot less, since what is the point? Essentially this is a collection game but if I can only get some by paying lots of money for only a chance to get it, why would I?

I find it interesting that there has been radio silence from Ludia on this, especially since the forum members have all been under the impression that there would be a chance for all unlocks for non-VIP dinos and this is a drastic turn from that stance.

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Yeah. I agree. @Ned @Keith what do you guys think of the suggestions?..

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Yeah! Make Non weekend 1 day tournaments for unlocks.

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Yeah, even if it is Tournament Legendary-like competition it would be worth it.

I’ve thought a long time about this, but my decision was to just increase the number of unlock. It wouldn’t be fair to those who spent years playing this game to unlock every dino, and now you can pay DB or coins to unlock them. This defeats the purpose of “unlocking” the dino. Only through special events and tournaments. Adding this will make the game much more fast paced. Everyone has every common and rare maxed and every hybrid in the game, from paying resources. Would that be fun? I think unlocks are fine at the current state they’re at, although we could certainly use some different unlock creatures.


@Predator_X still, the point stands valid that we need these creatures for unlocks. You’re right, but then again, what about us newer players who need to stack up DBs for tournaments till we have an awesome Dominator-worthy team? Yes, unlocking with DBs isn’t such a great option, but Tournaments would be better.

Even if the other creatures come once in two months as Monday unlocks, it would still be good.

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Some things can be done to the situation though, I liked the JPB idea of a “tournament”. 8 players, get randomly matched with bots. If you win, you proceed to the next round. Win that, proceed to the finals. The prize is for a very rare unlock, such as Prionosuchus. Ludia could implement that into the game, maybe with one occuring every Saturday and Sunday.


@Predator_X Jurassic Park Builder’s Tournament system was outstanding, but the battles, not so much… to get a perfect win, you’d have to memorise the opponent’s weakness, plus the mystery if he goes for a block or not (although the limit was three).

Nevertheless, JPB was a legendary game. I like JW:TG’s system of blocks and reserves more, but for the Tournaments, I’m all for JPB.

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I think this also comes down to the fact that this game is about patience. If you want to save up dbs to win in tournaments, that’s your decision. I forget who on the forum has mentioned this (probably many)… but dbs=time. So if you’re patient, you don’t need dbs very much. And it’s easy to save them up. And be patient to wait for the unlocks to come around. They always will. They always have multiple unlock opportunities for every creature. Sometimes you have to wait a long time though - up to a year even in some cases.

I actually do agree with @Predator_X that being able to just unlock everything in the first few months of playing would really cheapen the game. Most players aren’t winning in dominator for at least 6 months. Some VIPs who strategize a ton are able to do it sooner. But as I keep saying, this game is about patience. The creatures will have multiple unlocks, tournament finishes will happen. If you aren’t patient, you will spend a lot more in dbs. But, everyone is able to play this game in a different way, their own way. And everyone has their own unique priorities for the game.

I think most of the long-term players in the game, and on this forum, strategize and grow their park for the ways that work for them. And they all had to wait many many months if not years to unlock every creature. But, I would guess that they all can attest to the fact that patience is the most important currency for this game. It honestly took SOOOOO much longer to advance and collect every creature when this game first came out. No trade harbor to maximize resources and tons fewer daily events and therefore packs, no VIP (including VIP dino’s). Ludia has done a TON over the last 5 years to improve this game and cater to those with less patience. There have been changes we don’t like, bugs that take a while to fix, but overall they’ve made the game much easier to progress through.

So in my personal opinion, there is no reason why they should make every creature instantly available to all new players just because they aren’t willing to wait for the unlocks that will come around. Patience is the name of this game.

@BruceRex I wouldn’t say you’re wrong, but it was mentioned that some creatures will not have unlock events, so DBs or cards are the only ways out.

And yea, I will use these DBs for level 10s very rarely, like once every two weeks or month (something like that).

I never said that every creature should be made “instantly available”, just that they should at least have an appearance, so far we’ve had the same few creatures circulated on Mondays.

Patience is the name of this game, yes. I only took the Brachiosaurus tournament seriously, I’ll not spend so much time or resources on any other tournament till I build a stronger lineup.

I have been playing since 2 months and I am more than sure about a Dominator finish. 6 months would be enough for 8-10 dominator finishes.

As I mentioned above, the game has progressed in a fashion over the years to cater to newer players to allow them to achieve more end-game goals in a much shorter time frame. It’s a good business model decision to make as it will bring in more players and bring in more income for the company. Just trying to say that there is reason to appreciate what Ludia has done to the game to aid new players already rather than constantly focusing on what can’t be achieved in 2 months of game play and demanding change to make everything available as soon as someone starts playing.

I also understand wanting to rush through the levels for the better rewards as many of you have done lately, but with a slow and steady progression, more of the common/rare/SR unlocks would already have been available. If you only spend a couple weeks at the lower levels, you’re going to miss tons of unlocks.

I’m glad that all it takes is spending a bunch of dbs to allow new players to finish in dominator. But, there is a balance to rushing to that goal. As I mentioned as well, everyone has a different way of playing.