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Suggestion for Non-Monday Unlocks

You don’t need to have a dinosaur unlocked to max it out, although it will take a long time. It’s nice that Ludia added a feature that can allow you to get a single copy of a creature, even though the price is a bit too steep. Patience is key…100% agree with that.


yes , Suchomimus too.

You have mentioned the exact dinos which do not have any chance to unlock.


@Predator_X @BruceRex one thing I appreciate about Ludia is that they changed the level 10 copies from real money to Dino Bucks. Getting common, rare and super-rare locked creatures will be difficult but possible. Just legendaries will be a little shakey because it’s 8K DBs for each, and that’ll be taken care of by Golden Rewards.

@Predator_X and @BruceRex , surely I get that the players who are playing from longer have these perks,but then,how about doing something like, Dimorphodon,Therizinosaurus, Ostafrikasaurus,Microposaurus,Spinosaurus,Quetzalcoatlus, ,Ankylosaurus be rotated for the first half of the year and then Sarcosuchus,Suchomimus,Scaphognathus,Shunosaurus,Aerotitan,Metriorhynchus,Rajasaurus,Supersaurus and Euplocephalus be rotates for the next half.

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