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Suggestion: for release notes creature update 2.0

Love the full in-depth detail of the breakdown of changes for literally every creature but I do have one gripe.

Along with the new attack and HP value, it would’ve been nice to see what it WAS changing from. Plus, all it says is “changed from”… would’ve been nice it it said increased to or decreased to.

With the sheer number of creatures updated it’ll take forever to have to go back and forth from the release notes to the game (or game press’s field guide) to find what that previous value was.

It would help us all to know just how much better or worse each dino became.

For the turn based moves they provided what it was and what it was updated to… why not do the same for the attack and HP values?


But if it was all visible there’d be a lot more complaining about different nerfs. Some nerfs were needed and some were done with balancing in mind, but one or two appear to be pointless IMO. I think it needs a minor edit so it’s more easily navigated.

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There are 7 creatures in 2.0

… and a couple hundred pre-existing ones.


Speaking of comparing 1.14 and 2.0, I added a spreadsheet with changes over in [Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | 2.0 Creature Updates.