Suggestion for size on arena

Since there is no skip turn button in arena can you widen by 1 space the arena?

When for example my bard is disarmed and my whole roster is on the same row I can only move. the thing is I don’t want to. My option are either to move backward so out of range or forward ready to be smash by melee. and if timer run out it still forward…

Also my an extra space you could always move sideway to maybe proc a movement action

They should just add the skip button to the PvP.
It makes no sense to force we wait until the time ends because we have no option.

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They should just add the skip turn button in PVP like they have it elsewhere. There’s been plenty of times I’ve had a character both immobilized and disarmed and not able to take any action other than wait out the timer

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A different option would be that if your character is rooted in place and cannot do any action your move item just activates, or rolls the chance to activate. I agree that with Mass Hold Monster on the Warlock there are entirely too much time I spend twiddling my thumbs, especially when the game hands me an all melee party.

The Fighter, Barbarian, Rogue and Cleric all on Hold Monster for 4 turns is just…basically just close the game and come back in ten mins.

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