Suggestion for two set of gear

I would like to be able to save a set of gear for pve and one for pvp so we don’t have to switch all the time. They did that way back in world of Warcraft I know it lot of coding probably but it would be greatly appreciated


Did I miss it or is there still no implementation for that?

Tbh… I’d like 3 sets… 1 for standard challanges, 1 for standard pvp and one for tailoring to events

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@Anraton They’re going to close this post for necro’ing (replying to an ancient post), so you may want to start a new one. But the answer to your question is no, this does not exist.

This is one of the most pivotal requests that I’ve seen folks really wanting to see - and it’d be a massive QOL (quality of life) improvement for the community. There are stark divides between folks who love PvE vs. those that love PvP - and many who like all of it. It’s been requested a great many times, no response to it yet.

Was the only post about it that I found …

Really? I guess it’s usually buried within other suggestions posts then, rather than being the main topic. If this thread gets closed you should post a new one.

Thank you Isabelle. While I typically don’t have the time to play enough to really need such a feature, I agree that it should be implemented as it would be a huge quality of life improvement and save the more active gamers a ton of time. This is a topic that should be active and commented upon. It is wise to keep it open.


I’d love to see this happen. Some games have thrived on this. Having to continually remember to respec is very tedious especially if on a busy day I want to play just a couple of battles before doing something else.

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Honestly its the most requested thing i hear about in guild or other places that is a legit suggestion and not a complaint. It gets buried beneath all the people suggesting problems get fixed which there are a lot of and rightfully so. If they could get a handle of fixing bugs and making things run smoothly than perhaps they could move to actual features people want that don’t revolve around just having the game work at all.

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@DungeonBorn thanks for telling me about the necropost policy
@Isabelle thanks for making an exception