Suggestion for "useless" DNA


When i woke up this morning, I had an idea. How many of you have a lot of DNA for dino you will never use? For example I have a lot of Dimetrodon Gen 2, but I’m not interested in waste money to evolve it, so I thought: why Ludia doesn’t let us to convert extra DNA to dart? Like 100 Common (or 50 Rare or 20 Epic) Dna for 1 dart. In this way we can get more darts but none could use them to get DNA to convert and have infinite darts.
What do you think about?


There are supply drops everywhere, and I hardly ever run out of darts. Exchanging dna for coins would be a nice feature though, but I’m not that hopeful :joy:

I’m always thinking of $$$


I was thinking of of transferring useless dna to good dna. A lot of good creatures like T-rex, triceratops, ankylosaurus, dimetrodon,… have gen 2 counterparts. If you could somehow transfer for example 1000 T-rex gen 2 dna into T-rex dna (maybe like the way we do now with hybrids, so a range from 10 to 80 or so per 1000 dna), I would be more motivated to shoot darts at those non-meta-relevant creatures.


Just because there is no use for it now doesn’t mean it won’t on the future. Several useless creatures suddenly became fusion material at the last major update. You are better off collecting everything and saving it.


About the “Money-DNA” conversion, if this thing happens, Ludia surely will introduce a conversion like 1000CommonDNA for 100 money IMHO, so it will become useless, because 100 money at higher levels are not so much.

Pallid, probably but it will be nice if we have the possibily to choose!