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Suggestion - Forum Response Limit

To Mods - here is a forum suggestion. Limit the amount of replies to 10 or 20 (or whatever amount seems fair) per day per user. That way we don’t get flooded by the same small group of people’s opinions repeatedly, and we can hear more equally from a greater number of people.

Also since it was commented before that the developers don’t like reading the forums due to the toxicity, this might limit some of that negativity.

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Well you have to understand, when you make a post about Dracoceratops needing a buff, you’re going to receive responses from the community about how it’s a bad idea. And no, it’s not 20 people. It’s a good majority of the forum. We didn’t like the fact that DC JUST got nerfed to be balanced, and the DC crowd wants it broken again.

Didn’t you mention in your previous post that you were just going to ignore any contradictory opinions on the matter? Just do that. Don’t silence criticism just because people understandably don’t think your balance changes are healthy.


How about a much smaller timeframe, say 20 replies an hour. But I really think it’s fine as it is.

I think you’re gonna need more than 20 per hour :wink:

But no, really bad idea. Not gonna give any reasons.


The worst idea to implement on a community forum is the ability to shut people up. :man_facepalming:


Hm, limiting responses on almost dead forum?

This forum gets alive only before updates and last a week after updates.

Also why person should be limited on responses if need to explain its opinion more times to different people?


Uhm… no


Let me just think for a moment…


Maybe the op would like to be the controlling arm of what can and can’t be said, and when stuff gets said he doesn’t like he can shut them up with the help of the mods.

But the last time I checked we live in a free world where freedom of speech is very much allowed.
And that’s how it should be, and I fully respect Ludia and the mods for respecting this.


If anyone breaks the forum rules, the mods are there to handle them. Thanks to them, that’s not something we’ve had to worry about.
If you want to silence people that are abiding by the rules, you need to stop, calm down, and think about what you’re suggesting.


I got a spoiler, there is a limit. That’s how we catch gold, passport, and other scammers/spammers.

We don’t want to change the limit at this time as it allows for the vast majority of users to discuss pressing matters (1.11 for example) without worrying about how many posts they are doing in an hour.

If you see someone breaking a rule, flag it, us mods will come in and take a peek to make sure everything is above board.


Thanks for the clarification! Seems like most of the people who commented are the ones I would suspect would be over if it were implemented.

We don’t need a tiny response limit. We need a block button. I imagine this would assist both people who simply don’t see eye to eye avoid one another, and would help people who don’t like differing opinions maintain the quality of their forum expectations and experiences.

Win win all around, and surprising that it isn’t already implemented, blocking is pretty standard these days.

Just…no! Most of us talk about a wide variety of subjects on here, not just whatever dino is overpowered. We already have a limit on the number of likes you can give, and I’ve reached that limit twice. We shouldn’t have to worry about being censored any more than we already are.

A block button would work even better.

Tired of seeing the same ugly comments from the same bubble faces.

Would it be possible to get a block user button at least?

Per post? Maybe but probably no. And definitely not per user per day, unless you make the limit like 200

And thread closed.
Ding ding ding!

It’s fine as is. We do not need a highly regulated forum like Discord

I would not endorse a limit, but i would like to grey out threads in certain categories containing a given keyword, e g. keyword “Draco” -> all threads containing Draco are greyed out (but are still selectable) unless they are posted in category “Announcements”.

Imho in the long run all this Draco related threads/topics became annoying. Maybe the most discussed dinos should get an own category in this forum.