Suggestion: get rid of "waiting for opponent" screen

It’s redundant, and the timer is far too long. If you’ve “found” an opponent, connect the match and get on with it. If not, complete the “searching” countdown and let me choose to fight a match against bots (at least, that was an option at one time).

The “waiting” screen, in my experience, has only once completed a connection after 30 seconds. Waiting the whole minute to then be sent back to the Battle home page is annoying (may not be so bad if you’d then give the option to fight against bots). If you won’t get rid of the waiting screen, at least reduce the timer to 30 seconds. It’s even worse when you realize after several attempts that you need to reboot the game because it’s apparent that there is an error in the app that is preventing you from connecting to a match.


This indeed is very frustrating. Especially as it happens multiple times every single day.
But personally I would even shorten the waiting time to 15 seconds. Think I did not get a single match after the timer reached 45 seconds.

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It is redundant. It’d be nice if after the minute, you could get an AI opponent.

Instead of your not matched with an opponent you should be matched against the AI so it’s not a waste of time. That way you still get your takedowns for daily incubators and if you beat the AI you get the battle incubator, and this will also not effect your rank

For tournaments if your opponent times out you can still battle the AI. If you lose nothing happens to your score or rank. If you win nothing happens to your score or ranking but you do get the same amount of alliance points as you would if you win a normal tournament battle.

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Hear hear the above

Yes to all of this!

Hard yes

The waiting for opponent screen is the absolute worst. You either see it for a second and then fight, or the whole minute and nothing :confused:

Edit: Sometimes the Searching for Opponent screen doesn’t even have a countdown and just endlessly loads too so that’s fun :upside_down_face:


Yesterday, I had two instances where the searching for opponent countdown would reset several times. Between that, the waiting screen issue, numerous other bugs that Ludia never addresses, and the removal of supply drops in my area, I am likely to be done with this game very soon.

Ludia, just a suggestion, but games are generally supposed to actually be fun to play.

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I second the motion!!! This timer should be 15 seconds max (or simply removed), and then simply give us the AI…