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Suggestion: Give fierce attacks lifesteal

So I was thinking about how to deal with the ongoing resilient meta and it occurred to me that in many other games countering tanky things is often done by adding lifesteal effects. In dota 2 for example there’s a hero literally called lifestealer who has a move that heals him every time he hits. This makes him very good at killing tanky heros because he can outlast them in a sustained fight.

I think something like that would work well in this game and would fix some of the nonsensical matchups we have now. Like T-rex is fierce and diplodocus is resilient, so T-rex should win in a fight right? Well no; right now Diplo will easily beat T-rex because Dilpo has high damage plus slowing moves. So you have a resilient creature that beats what’s supposed to counter it, which really isn’t how the balance should work in my opinion. But if fierce moves healed for the damage they dealt then T-rex could outlast diplo with the healing and win the fight with a good amount of health still left.

Now to counter this so it doesn’t get too strong we could make it so cunning attacks have a debuff that prevents lifesteal when they hit. That way fierce can’t heal when fighting cunning creatures, and those without cunning moves could still reduce the healing through distraction effects. This way cunning creatures would still counter fierce and would become more relevant in the meta.

What does everyone think? Does that sound like a good idea?


Unless such an ability for Cunnings was automatically included into the normal Cunning Strike/Impact/Rampage, as well as Distracting Impact/Rampage, or every Cunning had 75%-100% Resistance to it, it would swing the meta in the direction far too much in the Fierce’s favor this time.

It would be far simpler to give most Fierce creatures high Decel Resistance.


I do think that lifesteal is a good fierce ability, and that “fierce” attacks need to do a bit more, but I wouldn’t give every “fierce” attack (fierce strike/impact/rampage) lifesteal. I don’t think that’s what you’re proposing though.

You just have to be careful with lifesteal, because it’s very strong. Every attack that heals 1x damage and does 1x damage has the same health difference as a rampage. Maybe they could give lifesteal attacks to bleeders to make them more viable?


It would definitely help a lot of fierce dinos to be immune to decel. Maybe not chompers like T Rex or Thor (to discourage nitro boosting), but pretty much everything else would be a good fit. Especially bleeders like Spinosaurus and darwinopterus.


I can definitely get behind this. It could make Spinoconstrictor and Stygidaryx some very useful bleeders once more.

Maybe in their case, a 50% resistance could be the maximum?

I think nitro boosting speed will only ever go away when the speed stat gets a complete makeover and becomes percentaged based like health and attack (if it ever does), but at least 50% would at least mean they can still reliably down Resilients, but the Resilients can still set them up for a revenge kill.

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Maybe. 50% speed decrease resistance really only becomes significant when you use a ton of speed boosts (you need like 134+ speed just to outspeed Apatosaurus after being slowed) or in raids (when you might get slowed less than the boss is by your teammates). It’s definitely not bad, it just doesn’t help as much in PVP. With chompers being built with high HP and damage, they should ideally function just fine at a speed disadvantage. Only Diplodocus really breaks this matchup due to how much damage it puts out, but that’s more of Diplo being too good than chompers being bad. Diplo really needs to replace it’s rampage with something impact.

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