Suggestion - How To Fix RNG Team Building


So I really like how the team selection creates value in JWA. Without having 8 potential dinos that get randomly selected for your team of four, you’d end up with people power-leveling just four dinosaurs total so that they could crush most teams with little or no effort at all. Having a random element does help ensure you build a balanced team.

But even assuming you categorize all dinosaurs into four groups and create your team around that, (such as, fast attackers, armor busters, tanks, immune creatures or something like that) and assuming you select two from each group for a “balanced team” – you’re still going to roll bad teams sometimes. You’ll roll two fast attackers and two tank busters and have nothing with any survivability. Or you’ll end up with all tank and immune creatures but be unable to beat other tanks due to low damage output.

But I’ve got an idea for a solution that keeps both elements, but controls it more.

What if you give players the OPTION to self-select four possible teams, never using the same dinosaur on more than 2 of the possible 4 teams, and never using the exact same team twice, so that everyone is still forced to have balanced teams of different makeups, but they can take some gambles.

For instance, they can build the most powerful makeup of their team as two of their teams, but would end up sacrificing a lot of that power for the other two because they couldn’t use their high level dinos. Or they could balance every team with at least one Tank or one Armor Buster etc to ensure that they aren’t getting completely taken in a match due to bad team makeup.

I think this could add a ton to the game while still maintaining the forcing element of players and reduce some of the bad rolls where you did your best to balance your entire team but there are still versions that just don’t work.


I would also add that teams are pitted against other teams based on their highest level team dino. This way people can set up teams of different levels and dino types and make more use of more of their dinosaurs.

To add a “what if”… What if you could only play each dinosaur just 3 or 5 times in one day? Of course this would only work if you could put together different teams of different levels and be pitted up against other teams of those dino levels.

My team has and is changing slowly over time but I generally have the same 8 dinos I play all the time. The rest are too low any more.