Suggestion : in-game statistics


This game could easily get some statistics to allow us to see our progress. The statistics could be like :

  • How much you have walked (total distance)
  • How many supply drops you spin
  • How many dinosaurs of each type you have tracked
  • Your best dart score (per rarity and per level, maybe per distance too since it’s a factor)
  • Your total DNA accumulated (all species, then you could separate per rarity)
  • Total DNA accumulated per species
  • How many coins you earned (lifetime)
  • How many coins you earned spinning today with displaying the daily limit (help the player to see how much left to get the threshold)

I’m sure more could be added with medals as well. It’s a good way to reward commitment in the game.

Moreover, it would be awesome if the stats could be accessed via WS to allow the community to create custom cards (with access control and query limits).

Looking forward to see what’s next !


I would love to see a Win:Lose ratio, I lost my first ever match yesterday at 1879 medals so was pretty proud of that, just don’t have anything to show for it.

So far the only thing is average dart score