Suggestion: It'd be nice if during multi-dino events we could choose at each stop which dino we want to dart instead of having to find a specific event spawn


When there’s 48 attempts for a dinosaur over three days it’s rather hard to complete all of that normally, the fact that the event spawns will randomly pick a dinosaur to spawn makes it even more tedious.

I propose that the event spawns should have ALL of the dinosaurs available during their respective days so that way we only have to find 48 event drops instead of 48 event drops of the dinosaurs we want.


Why don’t we go a tad further with that and have the game create an event spawn point at everyone’s house with all the dinosaurs all the time so that we never have to leave and can just gather all the dinosaurs you want while sitting down? No need to go hunting anymore! Yay. :grin:


Agreed. Only one of the three dinos will spawn close enough for me to attempt. If I want the others, lol, tough luck


I don’t even want the option. I just want to do it. Knowing I have three shots or six or even 13 shots at something is much less intimidating when you have a life instead of seeing 24 or 36 shots.


Maybe it’s suppose to be “hard” or heaven forbid a challenge of some nature. SMH.


What’s the point of sharing attempts between dinosaurs we need more than others if we never actually see the dinosaur we need…


Next week its 4 dinos, so 25% getting the one you want. Maybe 50% if you accept you cant get 48 times the same. It will be harsh but i dont think ill get all 48 lol. Picking dino would be helpfull


I have disliked the updated event format from the beginning. I think it would make the most sense, rather than having all the dinos available across all the days with rollover attempts, to merge the formats: one dino per day, x-number of attempts for all days. That way, you can guarantee that you’re using your shots for the dino you want.


Saturday and Sunday, biked a total of 25 miles around small parks in the neighborhood. Those 25 miles in two consecutive days, I was only able to get 8/9 monolophosaurus. Don’t think the average person would exercise that much only to run short by the single ouranos and secodontosaurus at the supply drops :joy: I can honestly say I tried my best. This game shouldn’t force people to drive to a location to utilize max attempts when they aren’t even living in a rural place, sigh. One day a dino please.


If you pay close attention, you’d find out these dinos don’t even spawn at same rate, you won’t have enough time to wait and collect DNA of dinos that are widely-needed within the given timeframe.


Said this from the very beginning and got nothing but stick for saying it


it’s going to be hard to find 48 gallimius, but i’ll do it.


When there’s a three day event with three different rare dinosaurs, 15 attempts in total, it’s actually very hard for me to get all 15 attempts done. Yes, there’s “plenty of time”, 3 days, but unless I spend all three days going to different parks at different hours, it’s hard for me to even get 5 attempts at the dino I want! These past weeks I’m actually losing some attempts because of this. I can’t spend all that time hunting for the ones I want, and specially these last days, the heat is so deadly I can’t really go outside during the day.

If the new events are supposed to let us choose - then let us choose. Just let us select which dino we are hunting and have that one spawn for us, like the OP suggested. Either that or greatly increase the number of park event spawns we get. As it is now, it’s not really working, even if the initial idea of letting us choose was good.


Just thought I’d share… biked just now 2.42 miles to my first park for the event. Mind blown. Hard to see my face expression through this screen, but is looks like a frownie. Yep definitely a frownie.


I understand your frustration but at the same time it wouldn’t make sense for the game to accommodate everyone’s issue of hardship. People that truly want to max out their attempts at the dinosaurs will spend extra time to do it and sacrifice their normal life for the game. However, most people probably wouldn’t be able to do it so they’d only get to have some of their attempts fulfilled. It’s just part of the game.

If you could choose what dinosaur you want to spawn then it defeats the purpose of the entire game. That’s kind of like if you’re taking a math test and you ask for all the answers so that you don’t have to do the work of calculating it yourself.


I noticed that different areas have different dinos at each stop. For example, and my house there is an event stop not too far away (just close enough to get the Dino there) and it has, for all of today, been Deinocherius. When I was in the car, I saw that for a while all the stops had Velociraptor or Gallimimus, then later they all had Tanycolagreus. At my grandmother’s house, she has a park right next to it which had only Velociraptor or Gallimimus. I think it varies by areas, so you just have to be lucky. It would be nice to choose, but I think this makes it more “challenging” or something.


I’m not saying I expect to just have all these event spawns right in front of me and not have to do any work, I’m saying that it would be nice if I could just find all these event spawns instead of finding specific event spawns that have what I need. I kinda miss the old format of 1-day-1-dinosaur, that way I actually knew how long it would take me to hit X amount of event spawns to get my attempts in.


My nearest park (still a fair walk away). This morning there were 3/4 of the spawns. And now… Don’t get me wrong. I adore deinocheirus. It’s a staple on my team at level 18 and I’m sitting on 20+k DNA because I catch every one I see. But this is just having a laugh.