[Suggestion] Limit stat boost points posseble to spend on one creature

If we had a limit of 12 boosts per dino.
Everyone would go 12 speed on everything.
All the other boosts would go on the craptastic dinos for tournaments

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I hade an side idea, maybe in addition of capping the amount boosted not only to the creatures current stat but to a global cap of that stat( for that lvl). This may be with my suggestion above.
As an result the top of the spectrum, stat wise, would potentially be filled by more creatures. This could result in a change of meta or widening of usable creatures.

I belive only the speedy creaturs would be boosted with speed to win over outhere speedy creatures, but slower creatures would still not stand a chanshe in speed. would it not be better then to boost what makes outher creatures good. or is it still better becouse you have outhere machups to think of?
Or is speed so vital that it should not be changed.

I think the should lower the limit because somehow people have managed to max out at tier ten and then still have more boosts for the rest of their Dinos