Suggestion: Make "spoofing" a part of natural gameplay


Why not make spoofing a part of usual gameplay? The benefits of doing this far outweigh detriments.

Players can access more Supply Drops, Dinosaurs, etc.

  1. They will more likely also become VIP members in order to take advantage of the increased coin/dart/cash drops that become available. This makes people’s experience of the game more positive while making Ludia money.

  2. It builds the community, having people work together to quickly find, discover and rescue dinosaurs for DPG goals. Pokemon Go did this with The Silph Road. This makes people’s experience of the game more positive.

  3. The game becomes inclusive rather than exclusive. Instead of pushing people away from a game, because they don’t drive, have kids that take up all their time, live in rural areas. This makes people’s experience of the game more positive, AND boosts public perception of Ludia as a company.

  4. If Ludia offers “spoofing” as a game mechanic, there is no reason for third-parties to go around Ludia and offer it themselves. The amount of “cheating” lessens.


  • People’s experience of the game improves
  • Ludia makes money
  • Ludia’s public image doesn’t suffer from targeting people with disabilities, etc.
  • Ludia public image improves
  • Cheating is reduced


Doesn’t make sense to allow spoofing. It’s an AR game. If they add functions that allow you to play from home it’s no longer about playing in the real world. Plenty of games don’t require you to go outside, but only a few do. Better just banning spoofers and playing the way the game was designed to be.


Purging spoofers is a process. We are well into the process. Way way too late. Like 1 minute to midnight.


2 Thumbs down.

Spoofing is cheating. End of story. Game is designed to get people off their butts out and out exploring, walking, ect. Spoofing is the exact opposite of that.

Seems that most of the people who post here PRO Spoofing, are usually doing it themselves and don’t want to get banned for being lazy.

If it’s simply too hard to play it the way the game was intended, maybe those people need to find a new game.

Silph Road encourages people to spoof? I really don’t think that is what happened there.


Doesn’t make sense?
There are 4 good reasons in the main post.

It’s not about playing in the real world, it never was.
my AR never has worked. I’m never going to see a Taramoloch on the MAP so what’s the point of AR?

The goal has always been about the dinosaurs. The real world is a bonus.
Having a community of people that care dinosaurs and want to collect them, battle them, etc.

edit: The Silph road is people coming together to record and document locations of pokemon in Pokemon Go.


Thanks for the daily laugh. And please, please don’t include TSR in your explanation. We don’t want to be affiliated with the way you cheat we don’t need that


Ugh we’ve had this post by about 8 different people it’s been done to death. Just search it.


Just waiting for Ludia to decide that Spoof or Spoofing is a dirty word and just auto hide any posts with it in the post.


No you won’t see a ‘taramaloch’ because… it doesn’t exist


Please don’t put the Silph Road in your pro spoofing propaganda. They have been and always will be anti spoof.


Looks like the OP mainly posts about Spoofing, and is pro-spoofing each time. Hmm, wonder what that adds up to?

  1. People’s experience of the game improves
  2. People spend more money on the game
  3. Ludia doesn’t have to go after spoofing which will inevitably also affect non-spoofers
  4. Ludia gets more $$$ and players.

edit: Do not accuse me of spoofing, since I don’t do that for JWA.
I’m pro-it becoming mainstream.


I’m curious to see the survey materials you used to make these conclusions… can you share that survey and data set with us?


You won’t see Tuoramoloch no. As it’s a unique/legendary and doesn’t spawn in the wild. Do ya see many legendary Pokémon spawning in the wild?

It is 100% an AR game first and a dinosaur game second.

Can’t just change the game mechanics entirely because people can’t progress far enough from home. As I said, loads of other games don’t require us to go outside. Loads of people like the AR element of the game and started playing for that reason, why should the game be changed to accommodate those that simply will not accept they are cheating?


If I were desperate and pitiful enough to start spoofing I still would not spend a dime on the game. There would be no point. If I want an epic I could just find out from other pitiful spoofers where they have seen them spawning and get them. Vip would be useless. No need for extended range and extra darts. Spoof over to another storage drop and you’re golden. It would break the entire game.


can you share that survey and data set with us?

sure. It’s really just common sense.

If people are able to get to supply drops easier, but are limited by the daily cap,
they see VIP as increasing they daily cap, AND with a positive image of Ludia they are more likely to
decide to give their money to Ludia.

By offering this service as part of the game, the main reason people spoof using a third party is gone
Then it’s only for unlimited coin/dna hacks that they use these third parties for (which should be targeted)

except it wouldn’t work like that. You have daily caps you have to deal with. One of the main reasons I became VIP in the first place. I would drive to work and my daily cap for stuff would be used up.


mmm… that’s not data collection. That’s just making assumptions to fit your narrative.

You have a hypothesis, now you have to go about proving it right. Since you can’t change the game, perhaps you should create a survey… does this forum allow Survey posts? That would be a way to collect data by getting the input of the player base, instead of assuming the entire player base will think like you do. Just by this forum sample, we know there are a whole lot of people that don’t think alike… and this forum is just a miniscule part of the player base.


There are already thousands of games that you can play and enjoy without leaving your couch. This game was made different for a purpose. If you can’t accept that then go sit at home and play farmville.


Except vip don’t increase cap anymore. You 0 - 1 Game


This game isn’t really that different in my opinion.

A person could play this game and not even move around that much. You have the arenas, etc.
Getting up and out were a way to capitalize on the success of Pokemon Go.

Farmville kinda sucks.

I support making location-changing mainstream because
I want Ludia to make $$$, the easiest way for them to do that is to undercut Niantic etc.
by doing something they don’t do.

I was playing before the world-wide release, when it did. It now offers other benefits.