Suggestion: Migrations

The Problem

So we all know that lots of countries are in lock-down.

We also know that JWA is a region-based game.

These two things really don’t go together well.

The Suggestions

Regular Dino Migrations. Have dinosaurs regularly migrate between zones (1, 2, 3, 4, parks). Perhaps on a weekly basis. Doesn’t need to be all dinos in a zone, just a few each week. Otherwise we will have a month of one zone…

More day-based dinos. Move some of the dinos that are zone-dinos into the Mon-Sun pool of dinos. This way we’d have an incentive to use our Giga-scents more on certain days than others.

Scrap zones entirely. Name speaks for itself.



A rotation would be nice but it has to be structured and not random. Using the current Locals as the base then rotate.them daily.

Monday: Local 1 goes to Local 2, Local 2 to Local 3 and so on.
Tuesday: Local 1 goes to Local 3, Local 2 to Local 4 and so on.

So its a 6 day cycle with Sunday being the original Locals. This will help. It also reduces dilution of spawns so you dun end up with the trash commons from all 4.Locals at once clogging the map.

Park and Global can alternate plus the Daily Spawns change their spawn probabilities to be 50% common and 50% Rare.


PLAYER BASE: “Can we please have a proper migration?”

LUDIA every update: “We heard your feedback and decided to do so and so” on other issues.

Maybe the voices on this issue are not loud enough or perhaps Ludia does not want to issue a proper migration. Either way, I agree with you. They tell us from time to time they are trying not to unbalance arenas but if that is the case, why not give everyone a chance at every dino. There is a reason why before the nerf folks were running around with lvl 29 and 30 Dracoceratops while others struggled to unlock it. I know before the Covid 19 outbreak you could travel to different zones but not everyone can spend hours in a different part of town to find 1 or 2 dinos they need.

Part of the reason the game goes stale for me is getting the same spawns day after day after day. I have needed Quetz for a long time, rare Dime, Argentina, the list goes on and on. With the lack of event drops when good rares and epics come along in events it is difficult to get what you need. I’m sitting on 13k Brachi but Raja dna might as well be leprechaun gold. I never see it.

We really need a proper zone shake-up. If Ludia truly says they hear our feedback, listen to what folks are saying.

My 2 cents…


Outside of the current global situation I have often said that zone migration needs to be a monthly thing. Z1 into Z2 and so on.

With things as they are now, I agree that while not daily, zone migrations should perhaps weekly to give time for players to benefit.

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Nah, I would prefer just no zones so dinos could spawn everywhere regardless of area

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Either switch the zones every week or make the giga scents attract all the possible creatures there are, I’m so sick of dracorexes and euplos :expressionless:

Then we run into the problem of dilution, where we see so many random creatures, and never the ones we want.

No, we may not WANT zones, but we NEED zones.

Thankfully we don’t have regions accessed only by a few local islanders and thousands of spoofers…

Migrations should rotate monthly. We should also have zoned giga scents. This may be a great research project for Ludia, they could see which locals are the most desirable and provide better zone balancing.

I live in Z1 and work in Z3, getting tired of hearing how great these two zones are from the 2/4 crowd.
Turns out the grass is always greener in the other zone…lol.

I want dracorex! lol

I’ll gladly trade you my Majung and Diplo for your Draco and euplo.

Could really use all that Erliko, Quetz, Darwin and Posti that must spawn everywhere in L2…lol.

We really need a proper migration, not these “Euplo and Suchomimus have swapped places” migration updates.

I need nothing - and I mean, literally, nothing - from my zone. I’ve unlocked every hybrid that requires these dinosaurs. I don’t use any of their hybrids on my team. Every other zone has a dino I use on my team or need to unlock.

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The fact that I have that much epic DNA of secodonto, monolo and koola while there are players that have none, makes literally 0 sense. The should change the locals spawns drastically throught the updates

You are right kubu…
And i am not only talking about the situation right now.
To make the game fair
There should be constant migration every two weeks/month to ensure that wveryone has the Chance to get all dinos

Yeah this needs to happen giga scents are a great idea but 3 hours of bajada, nodo, ornith and concavenator is frustrating

I agree, migrations should be a permanent feature. Locals are so large and cities/communities are often so oddly shaped that people don’t always have easy access to all of the locals – for example, the two Local Fours nearest me are on a highway and in a private golf course, so I can never hunt in a Local Four unless I drive somewhere outside the city. Monthly migrations would solve issues like this.

Ludia would it be an idea to migrate the current Local spawns? Being at home I only get global and local spawns. Missing out on quite a few dino’s this way. Would greatly appreciate the effort :grinning:


I think it is about time we have another Zone rotation Ludia? What do you think?

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