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Suggestion needed, already lost 450+ trophies. 5900 to 5400 and dropping fast


I really need suggestion before I get frustrated with arena but don’t want to give up yet as till now I spent unlimited time and efforts in JWA.

Already lost 450+ trophies. 5900 to 5400 and dropping fast. Need suggestions about team composition and which ones to boost for start?

By the way for getting just now straight 9-times 10 DNA fuses on my Magna; I got lucky fusing again and end-up getting 40, 50, 30 x 3, some 20s on my Smiloneyms… Should I go for level 27 if can be part of my team else I will keep him at bench.

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I went with fairly even boosting. And then made a couple stand out from the pack to be slightly annoying. Even boosting is the best option since boosts are limited and you will have those stats for a while. And then focus a little extra on your favs.

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And any team suggestions? I was thinking about going for 4+ tanks sort of in team?

Is Smilon 27 and Gemini 26 will be helpful over Utranex, Erlikospyx?

4+ tanks would help you save your speed boosts for the other team members.

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I’m terrible with team suggestions because i only use certain dinos and have a specific fighting style. I just know what’s best for me but have a hard time helping others with their teams.

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I’m in the same position and your team is better than mine. Somehow we are close in trophies though. The things we used to count on have changed, distract for me was the biggest adjustment since immunity to it is now a thing. I keep asking myself who do I struggle countering. I can’t make changes yet until I get a couple to team level. Dropping Dilor was a good move I think and have considered doing the same. I’ve been having second thoughts on Magna lately too tbh. I also wonder how it is that mid 20s boosted teams that gained a lot more ground before the reset haven’t dropped more. Good luck to you!

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Your team is simply brutal and I do not understand that it is currently at 5400. The only explanation is that you have not yet invested any boost in the team. In that case, as soon as you invest them you will return to your previous position with almost certain security.

My experience is:

I was at 5600 approximately.
After the version and without boosting anything, I went down to about 5250.
Now I have slightly boosted three creatures at level 2/3 and have already climbed 5450.
I am almost certain that if I spent the rest of the boosts (for the moment I prefer to wait) I would return to my previous place, maybe even a little more.


Hello, I have only 5200 trophies so take my suggestion as u want, but I would definitelly swap Gemini for Utarinex (instant dmg + stun possibility move is just too op to have it on the bech) and also I think Tryko and Dioraja are the same dinos (I slighly prefer Dioraja in the current meta), so I would change one of them for Erlikospix to have more possibilities in my team. Good luck

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Your team is not dissimilar to mine (just better, lol). I spread the boosts fairly evenly. The tanks (Maxima, Tryko and Diora) have 3/3/0, everything else is 3/3/4 except for Tryo which is 2/2/3 as I wasn’t 100% - that said, loving his immunity and second round damage so I think it will stay - has a good surprise factor. Sitting low Gryosphere with the odd dip back into Library - think I could push higher with a good run - you should get back to where you were, probably higher.

I have one each of health and damage left; 5 speed.

Screenshot_20191029-090001_JW_Alive%5B1%5D Screenshot_20191029-090800_JW_Alive%5B1%5D


Thanks for suggestion guys, I slightly boosted my 3 dinos for now as I believe they will stay in my team: tryko (2/2/0), erlidom (2/2/2) and maxima (2/2/0).

I won 2x since morning (once after boosts) and lost 3x facing boosted dinos especially RAT with 4K+ HP and 2K ATK.

Is replacing Gemini with Smiloneyms (after pressing button to level 27 and 2/2/2 boost) will be a good idea?

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Good idea to have Thor benched and use Tryo in team.

I can level mine to 30 if better to replace Thor with Tryo and have like 2/2/2 or 3/3/3 boosts to him?

I prefer Tryo to Thor (I had actually benched Thor prior to Boosts 2.0 in favour of Dilorach); running 5 immunes works well in the current meta. From what I have heard Smilo would be better than Gemini but I have no direct experience - I tried running Gemini in Tryo’s slot but didn’t like it.

Will be jealous of your L30 Tryo - took nearly all the DNA I had to get mine to L28.

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I have 24K+ Baryonyx DNA (keep finding him but not even bother darting) and loads of Postimetrodon 4K and also have its ingredients. And I just pressed the 100K coins button to level 26 my Tryo.

Seems like tonight I will be tired pressing fuse button for getting Tryo to level 30. I hope would be a nice decision.

And I also think Smilon would be better than Gemini, I like him but he is low level and lack of speed and no priority invincibility move making me removing out of team.

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I dont think u should ever bench instant dmg move with stun. I think its just too OP and in Thor case it´s also 40% crit chance. Dunno, maybe I am wrong, but since I have my average team level 25-26 and I am only 200-300 trophies under u I think I am doing fine :slight_smile:

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I think you may be underestimating just how good gemini is. Not only is he the best 1v1 dino in the game, but if you can get him in to set up with long protection, he is even deadlier. I use rinex, he is quite good, but has a lot of bad matchups (Ardent, Gemini, Magna, Erlidom).

As for suggestions, I think the question is, how attached are you to Thor? You’re only other true chomper is tryko, but ardent and indo have defense shattering moves. With the buff to ES, indo is quite a pain right now, but is countered fairly handily by a few other dinos. I’d suggest possibly swapping one for spyx or smilo. Smilo adds a swap in to your team, also adds hit and run with some other uses thrown in. If you can get indo2 up to 27-28 I’d suggest putting that in.

I see Tryo getting suggested a lot. One thing to remember is while Tryo is very good, he loses matchups to almost all Tyrant Dinos (Except Tryko) and the majority of High Apex dinos. This is obviously 1v1 and tryo is best as a setup dino, but its definitely something to keep in mind.


Thanks for the feedback.

Gemini is good for sure but its underleveled and have to setup (like yesterday I didn’t realised to do shield when facing Erliko and he did cloak, now I couldn’t do much, then I thought about Ardent) …

Getting 27 to 28 on Indo2 is quite hard especially when I am doing all FIP for Irritator mainly and Legend really needs lots of DNA fuses for higher levels :frowning: So needed truck-load of Blue DNA …

I will try leveling Tryo to test (coins are not a problem much as you can notice from my screenshot) and will try level 27 Smilon in place of Gemini.

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Well, I kind of agree with u. Gemini is one of the best dinos in the game. But for me Gemini = Ardentismaxima and in the current patch I prefer Ardentismaxima, same like Tryko = Dioraja, but I prefer Dioraja. Gemini excel in 1v1 match up but hey … u are building your team, not individual stars … It´s like having all Ronaldo´s in one football team. U should look at your team overall, not only for individuals.

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Thats fair, Indo2 is a pain to level because of it being legendary and lack of blue spawns. Gemini is similar with lack of diplodocus spawns. My Gemini and Smilo are both level 23 and I’m considering adding it to my team of 27-29s (I’m around 5700 trophies, but have invested all boosts fairly evenly). My current weak spot is Tragod and Dilo (both level 28) so I’m hoping to potentially swap out tragod first maybo dilo second if it doesnt get a buff.

The main drawback of Tryo is that it is countered quite well by magna, which most teams have. Quetz can also nullify its buff, but will also take some damage. If its set up, its quite deadly, but it has an awkward speed tier where it is outsped by a number of commonly used dinosaurs. I’m sure you know all of this though, considering Tryo is still used in your trophy range. Good luck with the loadout, maybe Ludia will really shake things up next patch and increase dinosaur count from 8 to 10.

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You’re right, but Gemini is still a powerhouse in the setup role, and can switch into a number of Dinos. Immunity plus huge HP, high attack, turn 1 rampage, ID, shield and null make it very useful. Its usefulness increased with the buff to dodge, as it can null out any dodge (and buffs, looking at you tryo)

I didn’t managed to beat that Tryo I faced once because I was unboosted and he had like 139 around speed. Which I still can’t beat after small boost to 3 dinos.

And you are doing really great currently as you can see with almost all level 30s I already lost loads of trophies