Suggestion: New Ways To Obtain Xp

As Of Right Now From What I Can Tell The Only Way You Can Obtain DNA Is From Evolving Dinosaurs And Fusing Hybrids But I Propose We Should Have More Ways To Obtain DNA:

Interacting With Sanctuary Dinos: 15 XP
Winning Battles: 50 XP
Opening Incubators: 25 XP


I think if you use a dinosaur in strike towers then you should get some XP for the ones you actually use. Not a large amount but enough that enough to make it worth it. I’d use some that I need to level up if it would help me do so.

Agreed I Don’t Know Why They Haven’t Tried Yet

I like your idea! Imagine a system where the stronger the creature you use, the less xp you gain. Stomping a tower with a boosted level 30 Thor gives 5 xp, but if you use a level 20 velociraptor, it grants 50!


Is getting XP that big an issue? It doesn’t take that long to get to 20, then its pointless.

Amazing! :+1: