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Suggestion of seasonal decorations

Hi, I like the idea of Seasonal Decorations added in this game so much. However, I realize that “Treasure Hoard” has only 60 spots so far. Also, the berk space is limited. Thus, I’m thinking if the Seasonal Decorations can be “destroyed” like various Statues or “trade” as materials, that would be good for players who wanna get more space in their own berk. Hope we can see this change or similar adjustment for the Seasonal Decorations. Thanks~

How on Earth have you managed to amass that many decorations? There aren’t even 60 different decorations in existence (yet), never mind that, especially with the roost size change, there is plenty of space that can only be used for decorations on Berk proper…

Well, when the dragons can be released and statues can be destroyed, then why not seasonal decorations cannot be do something similar. By the way, I got full set of decorations twice in last two rounds seasonal events. So I understand that why he/she said the spot/space is limited. In the future, if there’s more houses/statues can be built or the dragons can be place more than 30 spots on the berk, then the space may not be good enough. It’s because those objects have various sizes, from 2x2 up to 5x5. Even though all the islands are unlocked and removed all the trees and rocks, but the players are placing the objects based on their sizes and the islands’ shape. Anyway, let see how’s the future update.