Suggestion on battle strategies


Yesterday I lost 6 time in a row in the battle arena. I wonder if my battle strategies are not suited in the new arena (got up to jurassic ruins not long ago). Does the top arena require a different set of battle strategies than the previous arenas?

Here are my current dinos:


Only thing I see missing is a nullifier Dino IMHO.


Looks like you have your top Dino’s in there right now. The T. rex and Utahraptor will need to be replaced with “multi-talented” hybrids to get any further tho. (I.e. distracters, nullifiers, slowers, evaders and/or immune … I know that’s a broad list, but you can balance out your team accordingly and get the best your locals spawns offer)


Is all about of lvl of dinos, dont matter a lot what dinos you have if they are underleveled for the arena, as my experience to stay mid arena8 you need a rooster of minimun 20 dinos, whit the tanks being a bit overlevel.
Anyway lok some other dino to replace fast the utharaptor, cause raptors in arena 8 are nearly useless expect overleveled uthasinoraptor.


Good catch. Is suchotator a good null dino to use? Cause I cannot create monostegotops in anytime sooner.


You have the right point. Many time I’m just feeling too weak for the arena I’m at.:joy:


Yes is good, but if you are not big spender (real money in coins) i recomend have patiente and just grind and level legendaries and uninques even if you are stuck in some elo. I leveled so many rares and epics in the past that i dont use anymore and regret al of those coins wasted now, the only epic worth overlwveling now is stegoceratops and anyway i did level him more than 23,25 cause possible nerfs and become useles in future, they dont let a lot time an easy epic to fuse being too powerful i think.