Suggestion/opinions on my squad


Please no comments ab the styg being lv 16… i know i messed up. Do i subsititute mego lv17 for anything and i also do have enough for a lv 17 raj but im saving my coins to lv up my higher dinos. Not sure if my team is stacked enough. Please feel free to list any dinos i need to buff up the squad


Level 16 Styg


I’d switch in Suchotator for one of your Ceratopsian hybrids. She can do some serious damage if you use her right. Hope this helps


Dont feel too bad, i accidently hit that billboard of an evovle button and it cost me 50k coins taking a level 20 rex to level 21. What a waste :persevere:


Actually a lvl 21 rex is good cos everybody stops at lvl 20. You get to strike 1st if ever you meet a lvl 20 rex…if ever.