Suggestion- Permanent Spawns at Dinosaur Attractions


My family went on vacation. We all love dinosaurs, so we stopped at this great attraction in Utah called Moab Giants:
It was AMAZING! Kids loved it! So, Ludia in maybe a year or so when things have settled with JWA a bit, maybe you could put in permanent spawns at dinosaur attractions like these - a T-Rex at the T-Rex exhibit etc. Maybe make it so you can only collect once per month or something, so locals don’t get an unfair advantage, but it would add a lot of fun to playing while on vacation! Just a thought! Here is an image of my daughter with a life-sized T-Rex sculpture in the desert near Moab, Utah. I know there are other places like this, so it might take time, but I think it would be worth it.


Or maybe they could do that for the Field Museum in Chicago - add a special Legendary Rex “Sue”. She is the star attraction there, after all - and to date, the largest Rex skeleton ever found.


Or have a few at Dinosaur National Monument, with species to tag that actually have been found there - site exclusives.


Dunno if one would be advisable at Hell Creek Formation, as it’s an active dig site (You don’t want hordes of players messing up actual fossil beds while looking for AR dinos). It might be best to limit your idea to national/state parks and museums. But it’s a good idea!


That would be nice cuz I live near Chicago! Free T. rex for me!!


it doesn’t need to a museum or anything, ether. I was in Niagara Falls (on the Canadian side) and went up to Clifton hill and if anyone has been out there there is a huge dinosaur themed putt putt/ mini golf course… that would be awesome to have a raptor or trex spawner there!! Here’s a pic:


Not an epic rex, a LEGENDARY rex. SUE herself would be available at the Field Museum.