Suggestion: Permanent tournaments with Common, Rare and Epic dinos

The tournaments from last months have been a GREAT add to the game!

Anyhow, I would like to suggest that the players know what KIND of tournaments will be coming.

If the tournaments would be team-level, and/or boosted, the players could then level up a new team to be used for tournaments.

Then we would be needed to start level up this common, rare, epics and maby save coins and boosts.

If this tournaments would be permanent, I think players would be more willing to do this. Then L need to promise the players the tournaments would stay for the future.

Aswell, I think this could attract players who don’t find it to fun in the main-arena.

Any other thoughts?

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A schedule would be awesome for planning purposes, but I’m not sure they can do that.
They tend to play it by ear.


Since the game itself is long-term, to evolve and hunt, it would be great to have.