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Suggestion: pre-set 8-dino battle teams


I posted this in the 1.7 thread, but that thread is so long it’s buried at this point.

I would love to see the ability to save pre-set 8-dino teams. When friendly battling, or doing certain theme strike towers, it would be nice to be able to quickly change your 8-dino team to something pre-set and stored in memory.

For example, in some friendly battles, I want to see how I’d do with an all raptor team. If I could have all my raptors pre-set in a raptor team, then I could just select it and the battle would use that 8-dino team to make the random 4-dino lineup. I don’t want the ability to pick exactly who I’m battling with. I just want to be able to quickly swap my 8-dino team with another that I’ve saved on the side.

As it is right now, it takes forever to change out your entire team, just to have a quick friendly, fun, theme based battle.