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Suggestion: pvp bot changes

Why do the bots neeeed to be higher level. Just normalize the bots to match the current players levels.

If my team appears with a lv 13,15,15, 16

Have the enemy BOT appear with the same level on random heroes.

This is not hard to code, can be done within a few hours time, and will fix alot of issues.

We do NOT need to be facing tricked out bots several levels above us, esp when theyre lv20 ALL the time.

Honestly, fix this, its ridiculous.

I agree it is not fun facing bots that are impossible to beat however I do think there is merit in making the bots slightly stronger. Bots don’t make optimal plays. They will heal when already full health, move forward when disarmed instead of backwards and just generally have to follow a program instead of making a decision based on the actual game state. So facing equal and balanced bots isn’t really equal and balanced since the human player adds something to the mix.


I agree with Standingwarrior

Bots should probably be a little stronger due to lack of optimal strategy.

What I don’t like about bots now is the lower rewards. If I get lower rewards I should have lower risk as well. So far when I have lost I have lost a normal amount but when I win I win less


Agreed they should be a bit stronger.

Not really fair to base them on character level as some people keep their character level low.

Better to just assess average level of actual players within a league (as most people level their characters) and make the bots a little better

I honestly don’t care what others are doing unless they are actually fighting against me. If they are just gearing up their low level characters and playing against bots that wouldn’t bother me much since bots seem to have the max gear for whatever level they are

I do agree and would prefer that bots were based on what average people had based on whatever their trophy count was. If an average person with 3000 had all level 13’s as well as a couple of 14’s then that’s what the bots should be

I said in a different post I would just like consistency. I have been at 2700 ish and fought a bot team consisting of 13’s and fought a different bot team consisting of 18’s with the same trophy count

Pretty sure I fought a bot team despite it finding an opponent quickly

3 levels above me, wouldn’t respond to emoticons despite the most absurd situations with bad luck for me and had super low health despite having Great weapons and high level

Not that it helped as I am on a huge streak of having no chance against anyone with higher trophies

They get initiative, They get great character combos, I get garbage, they decimate me with wizard and archer while I get to throw up heal over time etc etc etc

Slightly stronger is fine, lv20 with maxxed legendaries is not fine however lol

Well just bring back what they were for each win they increase in strength

Posting this for informational purposes only. It shows how the reset to hardest then work down bot pattern, translates into actual matches. Here is what the new bot system looks for my level 16-18 team. Running mostly level 7/8 epics. I don’t have any legendaries above level 2. So unless they do something like letting mage attack from 3 zones away, legendaries don’t make the cut. And of course some rare/commons for wanted abilities. Notice that wait time is 1/3 of total time. Unless the bots shred my team opening move, these are not quick match to beat them. If I was stronger it wouldn’t be as bad. If I was weaker it would be worse.

You put a lot of work into this and that is awesome… if you do it again you should also show trophy counts… it seems weird that you are losing and winning the same amounts. That should only happen if you are already at the same trophy count. In the past if you were more than a few off then you would either win or lose more. Also with the few bots I have faced I would win less than against a human, so 10-15ish, but when I lost I lost the full normal amount, so 20-30ish

Here is first match and after I was done. It’s the only ss I took.

With bots and the “reduced rewards” I am not sure how trophy counts go but this graph shows how it use to be… I didn’t complete the series but it use to go up to +/- 200 trophy difference and either win or lose between 50 and 10. If it was more than 200 difference it just stayed at 50 and 10

Lots more testing needs done by the community. I suspect it’s all going to change next season so it might be pointless. I’m just sharing what little I’ve done. Right now I’m in a position to spare some time and trophies to do it. If I hadn’t achieved my goals it would be a different story. Clearly tests show something needs to change for next season. Devs tried to address the comments made by players that think only legit matches should matter. I’d challenge that group to move into a bot only ranking and see what they think then. I do respect their point of view as it’s based on what they see playing though. So I’m less concerned with how they balance different groups as long as everyone can set goals and move forward achieving them. So until I can’t make season goals relevant to my teams strength, I’m keeping quiet on trophies and trying to see if from others point of view. Just hoping they figure something out that works for all.

I’m with you on that. I am able to get my chests each day and I am at level 13 out of 20 with most of my characters so if I am slightly above average in trophies counts and standing I feel like I am doing ok.

That being said, I do believe it is our responsibility as consumers to point out problems and offer suggestions since they are trying to get us to give up our money. It is also our responsibility as adults to do so in a constructive manner.

I have no mercy on apps that think it’s ok to charge $99 dollars. When all it gets you is something you can burn through in 30 seconds. Then you need to spend another $99. I hold apps that are free to play (code for unlimited spending business model) to high standards. I’m not going to be pc or sugar coat it with p2p or get passed by apps. I don’t mind banging the old war drum loudly and often. Especially if it benefits all players, I see bots as a tool to help balance fights. That helps everyone else way more then it helps me. I had insane win streaks before this last patch. Occasionally I’d get matched against someone in top 100 and take a loss. Then it was back to a long win streaks. To make matters worse, challenge reward tables had nothing worth chasing. So they weren’t worth wasting any play time on them.

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Well said. I hope you don’t mind if I paraphrase this later on.

Go for it lol. Or should I charge $99 for instant use first

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