Suggestion regarding aroma events

In the events of the aroma of the last weeks I have always obtained the same aroma, the “common long” of 20 minutes that, like all common aromas, do not have much use. In some cases it was “epic-scented” events so it was a disappointment.

In yesterday’s event the thing was even worse because the reward was a common aroma of 45 minutes, that is, I could obtain an epic aroma (level 4 or maximum) and I obtained a common aroma (level 1). Impossible worse.

Of course the ideal for the players would always be to obtain the maximum essence but, if that is not possible, my suggestion is that in the essence events there would only be a “drop” range, that is,

In an epic event the reward could be epic or rare
In a rare event the reward could be rare or “common long”
In a common event the reward could be “common long” or “common short”.