Suggestion regarding cloak


Don’t hate too much if this is badly thought through, or maybe it’s been suggested before, but I didn’t see it.
I’m not as against the RNG as some here, but the cloak can be too match changing for my taste. Sometimes my cloak works both times and I one-shot the opposition, or it works zero times and I die before getting an attack off. My suggestion is therefore: Cloak could automatically make you dodge either the first or the second attack. Never both, never none. Except if your cloaking dinosaur is faster than the opposition then he will only get one attack, so there could be 50% chance of dodging that one. I think it would make for a little predictability, while still keeping some of the randomness.


Suggestion don’t rely on chance to win. Don’t cloak. Problem solved.


I’ve suggested this before but I’ll mention it again as I like the idea.

Evade becomes evade left. Or evade right. The player chooses left right.

Opponents then needs to attack to the left or to the right. Again their choice.

Problem with 1 in 2 dodge is the Indo mostly one shot kills but can take a hit. So actually it will always win if guarantee it dodges once.


That’s true, didn’t really think of that. I do think Chozmo’s suggestion is really bad though. Hopefully the developers of this game don’t think “if something doesn’t work, just hope that the users don’t use it”.


Rng is all chance. Stuns crits and invisible.


I’ve lost many times because my 75% stun didn’t work. It’s not 100% so I can’t get mad about it. Ya win some and ya lose some. Usually evens out in the end.


I am aware of the percentages, yes.


But that would do little with the move. The odds would still be the same and again you would have the same frequency of two successful hits or two successful evades


But it gives agency. I’m not trying to change the moves odds. Don’t want to nerf or buff. Just leave the player owning their win or loss.