Suggestion: Replace Google Maps with Open Street Maps for faster loading

These are screenshots from the same location in JWA, Pokemon GO, and Draconius GO. PoGo and DracGo use Open Street Maps instead of Google Maps, so their maps load much quicker than the JWA map. I’m pretty sure this is due to the map in JWA needing to load all those buildings and houses, plus all those completed strike towers that should just disappear when done.

Pokemon GO used to use Google Maps but they switched to Open Street Maps a while back. Please consider doing the same and also removing completed strike towers from the map.


I think it’s the 3D effect that they want. Dinos are moving around on the map when we dart them, and basically go in and out of building. Not sure you could do that with OSM.

that doesn’t have to do with the map. once you engage, its up to jwa to provide the visuals.

Considering they switched this games engine halfway into development to take advantage of the google map this literally has 0 chance of happening.

Thats not even considering just how much this game is reliant on google map data… their are no playable points in open map so rather then using algorithms to make googles playable points into strikes, supply depots, sanctuaries… they would have to sit down and create their own locations database.


Pokemon GO switched to Open Street Maps and those maps are so outdated that even the playground near my house disappeared, and the castle that has been long demolished is still on OSM. It has streets that are no longer there in some areas. Google Maps seems more up to date, at least for my area.


Would be nice to have the option to switch off the buildings or run in minimal mode (e.g. just the building footprint); my phone handles the game fine at home/work but really struggles when I visit a big city - normally I can dart both dinos that appear when running a scent - but in a city I only have time for one due to the time it takes redrawing the map.


They need the height of each building, which OSM doesn’t provide. That’s what I mean by 3D effect. If if a bungalow, you can see the dino all the time (let say: “crushing the house”) while if it’s a tower, the dino “enter” it (become grayed out). This is kind of a cool effect.

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This sounds like a decent idea, but I hope they do beta testing with a lot of devices (both Android and iOS) to ensure the map loads at least equally stably and that it’s faster before making the jump.

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This game is painfully slow and unstable compared to all similar games. Niantic is so much better developers than you in this aspect @Ludia_Developers Why don’t you learn from them?

  • log-in time
  • changing network
  • launching dino to dart it later

Big fan of the idea of completely removing done strike towers. Also, the weekly event spawns once I’ve maxed my attempts. Removes a lot of clutter from the map and makes seeing rares/epics in the distance easier.


I guess you were not playing when Pokemon Go started. Niantic had exactly the same problems (server acting up at launch every day). Heck, players have been asking for an easy way to evaluate pokemons since day 1. Guess what, 3 years later, they finally delivered. (Huge time saver, they would likely have kept a good chunk of their player base if they had done that much earlier). Rural players are still asking for more pokestops/gyms as of today (At least Ludia did an awesome job for that from the start). And the list goes on and on. On top of that, they had money/help from Google and Nintendo. The game didn’t saw much improvement for at least a year, while Ludia is always adding stuff regularly. No, I’m not a Ludia employe or fan. Yes, their game as a lot of bugs, but heck, never as bad as Pokemon Go when it started.

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All niantic games suffer the rural void syndrome including the recently launched harry potter game. Cause niantic uses there own points of interest and is essentially shared among all thier games.

Its something the google map platform provides partners is their playable points which is a combination of points of interest and random generated spots along roads.

Those playable points give jwa a huge advantage over all ar games to rural player they wouldnt have if they didnt use google maps. Only other game that comes close is the walking dead game which also uses google maps.

Which also performs much better then this game which leads me to believe its not the map platform at all causing the issues and more because Ludia business model doesnt seem to prioritize optimization at all and only the smallest amount of time fixes bugs instead their to busy tring to create the next big thing to get us to part with more money.


@real_gambler @Evicton I angree on much of what you said. I have been playing both games since launch, 4xlevel 40 i Pogo and level 20 JWA. Ludia has done many good thing with gameplay, I don’t take that away from them. But their basic game motor (performance, stability etc) is worse i 2019 than Pogo was in 2016, that is not impressive. Down time for upgrades is also subpar in the software world in 2019.

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Man, I did play pokemon go too… I live in rural area and pokestop distribution is unfair, there is 1 pokestop and 0 gym only within my ingame… You can enjoy your game if you go to town, is that fair?? I won’t go to town (30km) everyday just to play a game… I love jwa even I live in rural area there is a lot of supply drop, dinos and even sanctuary… Good job ludia to make it reachable and playable for rural player…


Yeah thats the thing its specifically on their end the other games using google maps platform dont have the issues jwa has . This is the only game on my phone ar or not that cant handle switching to cell towers/ wifi simply stability issues. Its all on Ludias end not the platform.

Furthermore that rural playability we all keep bringing up with is 100% on googles platform Ludia simply has algorithms in place to randomize the data.

One more issue: JWA is very plagued with GPS signal freezing when you are moving around, having to restart the game to get correct location. No other AR game I play has similar problems and my GPS works perfectly. Could be related to Goggle Maps?

PGO gives me same problem. I spin a pokestop or a gym, and my character freezes next to it. Though it rarely happens since I’ve changed from my old Huawei to a Huawei P20 Lite. It happens in Jurassic too, and under exact same situations, when spinning drops.

With my old Samsung S7 never problem with Pogo, but with JWA all the time

I’d rather see the other games go to Google maps.

Google provides playable areas, where open needs manual input.

This is why we have way more stuff than they do.

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Have you played any other google maps based game? Or are you just calling out google maps for jwa errors. Cause the other google map based games dont have the issues jwa has. Last time I played the walking dead game it suffered none of the issues jwa has from stability and connection standpoints.

Ludias issues come more from switching this game over to unity engine midway through design and it being their first unity game. This game was originally designed to run on an in house made engine. Stability and optimization are not something Ludia spends alot of time on.

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