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Suggestion - Restriction Weeks Solves All

I mentioned this in another thread but it seems it might get seen by Ludia here. An easy solution to the problems (aside from typical bugs like blank map and matchmaking) is to simply alternate weeks with max level restrictions on dinos for that week. 5 week rotation with commons, common/rare, common/rare/epic, common/rare/epic/legendary, & common/rare/epic/legendary/unique(everything). This would:

  1. Give lower level players without Uniques a good chance to compete in the arenas.
  2. Give seasoned players who are getting bored a nice variety with weekly limitations.
  3. Solve the stat boost problem because if someone uses all their boosts on uniques (such as Thor) then they would be at disadvantage the other 4 weeks (80% of the time).
  4. Stat boosts would start appearing on common, rare, epic etc. instead
  5. Tournaments would not be necessary as each week could be a new level or tournament. This eliminates the “can’t get a battle” problem by putting all players in same battle arena/tournament weekly.
  6. Matchmaking as MetaHub suggested based on team strength only and ignoring actual trophies. (Stops level droppers and levels playing field)

This is the type of system Magic The Gathering used to balance it’s overpowered cards. Had different tournaments that restricted use of certain cards etc. This is so simple and makes so much sense it probably will be ignored. Kind of like making a suggestion to the government. If anyone has a reason this wouldn’t work I’d love to hear it.


I like it. Really shakes some things up. Encourages thoughtful levelling. Great idea

i love the idea of some kind of restriction to vary the meta and dinos used by players, but i don’t know how a system that don’t allow players to use their best creatures for a whole month can be productive for this game. Maybe it would be better to implement some different battle feature that can offer various gaming experiences but letting the players to choose which to play

I thought about that but what I saw during the separated tournament system was difficulty getting a battle in one or the other as it split the active players. It puts everyone on level playing field and those in early game without Uniques would have disadvantage on Unique Week (Hey that rymes…) but the new players get increased chance on common week etc. I think it would be fun, new, and give everyone something to look forward to. Or maybe even change it up on days of the week rotating daily if people don’t want to wait so long to use the top tiers. Maybe every 3 days or something. Would also be nice if we could create different teams so we don’t have to keep modifying back & forth but that’s not a deal-breaker really just a 1 minute chore.

Now think about the benefit for Luida also. Players would have so many more dinos worth leveling, boosting, etc. It would create 5 separate metagames to cycle through so people would want to have higher leveled teams in all categories. It’s a win-win as I know I like many other players would be buying some coins to level up things I hadn’t before.

I can see this as a thing. Maybe like this though?
Monday: common day.
• only commons spawn on the map, and only commons in battles, including strike towers.

• only rares for all the above.
• Commons spawn too.

• only epics for all the above.
• rares and commons spawn too.
Epics and are just increased 10 fold.

• legendary day, the normal spawn ‘thing’ is ‘enabled’. You can use legendaries and all other classes other than Unique in battle.
There are two boss strikes, both with 30 legendaries.
Strike 1: Any creatures used to battle against it are rounded to level 20.
Strike 2: uniques can be used, as this is more challenging. No level rounding.

• any creature can be used in battle.
Uniques and legendaries have a VERY small chance of spawning, as do tournament only creatures.
On this day, you can buy a ‘unique scent’. Works for uniques, one guaranteed, and also a 50% chance of a legendary spawning alongside it.

• all creature classes spawn. Normal spawns. All can be used in battle.
Again boss strikes appear, three on this one day. All the same;
You battle-
1: level 28 creatures.
2: level 29.
2: level 30.

• every player receives a unique of choice, FOR ONE DAY.
The battle arena is different, and every win is 5 trophies, to maintain fairness in future.

Anyway that’s my thoughts as of now. I’ll edit this if I get any ideas on future.


That sounds interesting. A bit hectic but still more good ideas. We really need variety without splitting the PVP into tournament/arena. That way we can get rid of the crazy 4300-9000 matchmaking putting LVL25 teams against LVL30 teams.

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^you took the words right outta my mouth…

I like it. But I would be at a major disadvantage because I don’t have overleveled commons or rares lol

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nope. id rather play the game how i choose.

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