Suggestion: Separate Leveled Battle Areana


I want to try out my lower level dinos in battle but when your up in the level 7 arena where it takes your level 14 to 19 team to stay afloat, them things die in one hit.

Please create a separate leveled battle arena that sets you up against players with the same leveled dinos. For example it would put you up against players with the equal highest level dino on your team. So if you have 7 level 6 dinos and one level 7, it would put you up against a player or NPC with dinos level 7 and lower on their team.

Make it so winnings are the same as what you get at drops like some darts or a few coins. That would be useful for people who don’t have a drop near them but can still reach dinos with their hover craft to obtain some darts.