[SUGGESTION] Solution for despawning dinos - Tranquilizer Darts


We all know the frustration of running after a rare or an epic dino, only to see it disappear in front of our noses without warning. What makes it even more frustrating is that many times you’ll be trying to get to that 30m sweet spot, only to have it disappear when you could’ve darted it from further away if you knew it was going to despawn.

Solution part 1: On the map, dinos about to despawn within 1 min would be distinguishable from the map (make it a cool effect or dino the blinking or something). If you tap on a dino, you can see a 5min despawn countdown.But this doesn’t help you get the dino if you’re on foot and it’s just too far!

Solution part 2:
Continuing in the vein of inventory items, I made a mock-up of what these Tranquilizer Darts would look like.

A tranquilizer dart would freeze a dino’s despawn timer. After the dart would wear off, the timer would continue from where it stopped at. This effect would only apply to the dinos the player that used the dart sees. You would use the dart from the map, tapping on the dino first, and then tapping the inventory icon (which would appear in the same place). Select the dart to use. This would immediately activate the effect, no minigame required.

Tranquilized dinos would have the stun animation and have "z"s float around them (I’m not opposed to a completely new animation though :wink:). Tapping a tranqued dino would show how long until the effect wears off.

Common darts would be available as rewards from supply drops. Rare and Epic darts could be available as in-between rewards in strike events or in similar easy special strike events as scents. You could buy these in the shop. They would cost 5-10x less bucks than scents.
You should be able to hold at least 5 of each dart in your inventory (since they’re single use, while scents give you multiple dinos).

My rough idea on the duration of the effect:
Common dart: prevents common dino despawning for 6h, 1h for rare, 5min for epic.
Rare dart: 36h for common, 6h for rare, 30min for epic.
Epic dart: 6d for common, 24h for rare, 2h for epic.

Of course, balancing etc would be up to the game devs, but I feel like I should be able to wait until I get off work to go catch that dino I want. Tranquilizer darts would make it possible for you to get that epic even if you can’t bolt out of the house immediately. Alternatively, if you don’t have a epic dart, you could use several lower value darts one after another. You can’t, however, dart a dino that has the effect already.
Also, if you’re spending tons on this game and want to have a pet stegosaurus near your house, well, congratulations! You can waste an epic tranquilizer dart every week to keep it there. :joy:


very good idea the solution 1, a countdown time for despawn


I realized some days ago that there are people that (almost legitimately) fake the results of a darting session, and they do it again to have better dna outcome.
So for this I can agree that Ludia won’t put a timer for the dino despawnings so that people can be greedy and redo the hunting, IF the dinos are still there. If there will be the timer, people will know if they have time to make another try or not.
Sadly, I fear this won’t be fixed, so no despawning timer even if I love the idea.
So tranquilizer darts are a great solution! :+1: