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Suggestion: Standard Tournament

Just to make it official, what many here have been asking since tournaments became a thing. A third type of tournament, non-boosted but with creatures at their actual level. As simple as that. We could have at least one of those a month, taking us back to the good old days of a world before boosts.


Yeah. It would allow people who casually leveled their nonhybrids to do better

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While current advantage tournaments should exist, this should too. I’m pretty sure more people would find it more fun.

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Gimme this!

I’d be into this! Shake things up a little.

They could add a Tueday - Thurday none boosted tournament. For some on these 12 battle days (as I have it today) tournaments make a good way to get your battles in. This old-style of tournament would be good for mid week.

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I wound like random different day tourneys.
Wifes fun travel and adventure plans really hinders JWA game play on weekends.

This would be a great idea for the players, and for Ludia.

We would be building up the level on dinos that we may not otherwise build, thus requiring more coins to do so.

The idea of running a tournament like this from Tuesday to Thursday is also well worth considering.

What fo you think should be the reward for this? Normally skilll gives bucks, coins, or boosts and advantage gives DNA so what do you think standard should give?

It doesn’t seem like skill give out bucks anymore so that would work for a standard tourney.

That is not good at all. How are free players supposed to buy scents to stockpile exclusive dna when it comes around, like mammoth? I wish the boost rewards would be bucks, because then you can buy boosts if you want to

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