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[Suggestion] Swap In damage abilities adjustment

I would like to voice out an opinion related to Swap In Damage abilities such as Swap in Stunning Strike, Swap in Savagery and even Swap in Head Butt.

1. Recoil Effect.
The Creatures take half of damage deal from its Swapping damage ability


  • C creature used Swap in Stunning Strike with 1500 damage. It will take 750 damage back to its health as compensation for using this ability

This way people won’t be able to freely swap whenever they want. The more damage they can do, the more careful they need to be. You might argue this with ‘they have a thick skull to prevent a brain damage’ so then put armor percentage as defensive mechanics to this recoil effect


  • C creature used Swap in Stunning Strike with 1500 damage but it has 30% armor so it will take only 525 damage back to its health.


2. Put the DELAYED or REVENGE on Swap in damage abilities


If player doesn’t choose the creatures with swap in ability as the first creature in the match they can’t swap in to those creatures for 3 turns unless the first creature is taken out.


All Swap in damage abilities in the team will start to be usable only if one of creatures in the team is taken out. Aside from this condition, Swap in Damage won’t be triggered even player swaps those creatures in.

I don’t mean to nerf these abilities but given how strong of the creatures that have these abilities right now it’s so frustrated to see they don’t have any restriction to use these too-good-too-let it be abilities.

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I like the idea behind those abilities. Recoil definitely sounds like a good addition. I could be up for that. Not so sure though on Delayed or Revenge for swap in attacks. Not sure that really works. But Recoil very much could do with being added to the game.


The issue I see with this is that not all swap-ins are OP. So this would nerf everything with swap-in for the sake of a few.

Swap ins are fine. The proposed nerfs are over the top. They are typically associated with creatures that are not great once on the field, magnus being the only exception.

Mrhino is also pretty good :joy: And Whino is a beast in epics.

That being said, I still vote no on nerfs to swap in attacks.

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I stated this in another topic. Give swap-in stun creatures 100% chance to stun, give the swap in armor Piercing stun strike creatures Headbutt without the stun, and give the rats 20% rend instead of 40%.

Let’s give the rats swap in shattering rampage (DC) / cunning rampage (DCPro)!