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Suggestion to change st markovia's thighbone

To preface this post, i recognize these devs usually don’t change how items work, or they never have in the past (?). But this item is a huge problem in pvp, and only mediocre in pve.

Why is it an issue?
It allows for the cleric to solo entire teams if he is the last person standing. The usual strategy is to kill him earlier, but sometimes that’s just not possible. With taunts and stealth, it may be impossible to target him. He has infinite sustainability as long as he gets his ability off.

What’s the solution?
This isn’t an easy fix without completely nerfing the weapon or finding a suitable replacement. The core problem will still stand, he is too sustainable due to the instant heal it provides if it procs. Effects like block, which stack, will continue to make him invincible because he can just heal, but this leaves him susceptible to disarm, stuns, dominate and other cc which greatly weaken his ability to heal infinitely with a 3 turn invincibility buff.

My suggestion would be to change the death ward to have either an internal CD of 2 or 3 turns, preventing him from spamming it or change the effect to something such as an AC buff or block effect or regenerate (25%?) to a random ally, while keeping the heal.

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I’ve seen a few people complain about the thighbone. I’ve never found it to be a problem. There are usually simple workarounds to the thighbone, especially when one’s heroes are suitably equipped

Additionally, the thighbone functions precisely as described. Some players have foolishly spent money to level this item. As such, successful charge backs might become an unintended result of the proposed alterations.

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What rank are you? I remember this item starting to solo whole teams about 3 months ago when i first reached legendary arena. The only ways to really play around it are like i mentioned, to kill the cleric first or hope to lock them down, but that doesn’t always work because your only out is a 3 turn dominate at that point. The ways to beat him after he becomes either the only character or one of out 2 is quite difficult.

This still happens here in top 20-30. It happens to me frequently and i do it to others frequently. There’s not really a play around because it’s a problematic item which allows for a character to single handedly take on a whole team. If we look at all the characters, not many can really contest the infinite procs. You have to plan ahead and actually be able to target him first, which with stealth you can’t. By the time it’s just the cleric left there’s likely someone in melee range for him to hit. The main problem is the lack of synergy between characters to execute a shutdown on him. The death ward is 3 rounds and most things can’t kill him in one hit. He can always infinitely heal to get back some sustainability. My main team are all almost maxed out in gear levels and it still happens. 50% proc rate and a 3 turn timer make it incredibly hard to actually counteract, unless you can burn him down in 1 hit everytime or prevent his attacks. That’s just unlikely to happen spread across multiple characters.

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My renown is level 20 but when I played I was always far lower ranked. I was never in the top 100. To handle the cleric I usually utilized skills such as Dominate, Hold [Warlock hold can last 4 turns with 4 turn cool down = eternal hold] or Push to provide time and opportunity to kill the Cleric. These methods are usually effective in the bottom two leagues. I couldn’t always defeat the cleric when he was the last opponent standing, but I rarely lost this way.

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Dominate, stun, disarm, immobilize and use ranged weapon. He has to be able to swing at you to get deathward… it is frustrating that at times he can dominate whole teams, but no more so than the heroes who can one shot whole teams or bards dominating a hero that then kills off 1 or 2 of their teammates.

From my experience almost every hero has something that makes them seem overpowered at times and incredibly weak at others


I’m typically between rank 20 and 50. I don’t really have a problem with it. The barbarian and Paladin can effectively do the same thing with the Paladin being especially scary because of her refresh. I typically have an answer on my team if the opponent is down to just the cleric. My big problem is the stupid ranger…properly equipped he’s just an I win button.

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Push is still luck based and dominate is really the only reliable way. You still have to one shot him because he can heal for all his health in one round. Immobolize is actually a terrible ability. You quickly see how bad it is when you use AC or ATK debuffs on warlock. When you get higher up nobody uses it anymore because it’s actually the worst helmet for warlock.

I wasn’t arguing whether or not immobilize was a good ability or not over all, but your complaint was about when there is a cleric alone against a whole team, in that situation immobilizing him away from where he can use melee and gain deathward is a valid tactic. You have had 3 different people offer solutions, including one who is too 20-50, that I would assume has worked for them or they wouldn’t have suggested them. If you disagree than I am not sure what else to say and I wish you luck.

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The solutions given are impratical because they are inconsistent at best. Stuns are very rare and only two characters uses it. Like i said, dominate is the only real way to bypass the ability and that relies on you having one character, which likely won’t have it by the time that situation comes because it has a long cd. One of those same characters also uses dominate which has stun, so it’s redundant. These other solutions don’t work too well because you’re weakening your overall team against a character that may not show up. I’m top 20 right now, your solutions are something that sounds like it works on paper but it actually doesn’t. I’ve played against people with all of these you mentioned were “solutions” and my cleric still stomped their whole team.

The fact is even if you build against the death ward chain, it doesn’t actually work even 80% of the time. I’ve both tested this as someone who built against it and someone who goes up against people who builds against it. It’s still basically around a 50/50, or even favors the cleric when you have the solutions you mentioned.

You’re overall weakening your team and opening yourself up to more losses you could have won if you build specifically against this weapon. That’s not a solution, it’s a failed attempt at countering an anti meta build.

My suggestion is to limit Raises via Death ward to once per hero per encounter (i.e. one per PVP match and once per dungeon room). That would still let players beneift from the effect to get a 2nd wind, but stops cases where the Cleric raises themselves indefinitely (until the fire kills one team that is).

The Lifedrain is a bit of an issue as well, for the Barbarian in particular. My suggestion there is to degrade its effect with use, so that it can’t keep the hero alive indefinitely. Something like:

X = Healed amount (actual healing, so overflow is not counted)
Y = Y + X (the total amount healed)
Z = Y/10
Z is then subtracted from all instances of LIfedrain for that target. Thus, by 10 uses, the hero’s lifedrain doesn’t actually do anything.

Oh, and while I’m writing this out, I’ll also suggest he fire affect the whole arena evenly. It’s quite frustrating when someone is able to hog the middle zone and then slow plays so the fire kills your own team.

I’m ranked quite high too and a few time to win in this case I had to hold middle of the arena and wait on the fire.

Been lucky but I also removed the death ward with nayeli and next swing he didn’t proc it (still 50%) and killed him next turn

Thats kind of the issue, i have to use the same strategy but sometimes it doesn’t work. The best strategy is to rely on luck in your case,yes its a counter but ita a soft counter because it might not have actually worked. It comes down to a 50/50 chance way too often