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Suggestion to fix match making


Let’s be blunt, trophies are a stupid match making system. Anyone can intentionally lose, drop their trophie count and ruin a lower ranked player’s day.

To be clear before I continue, match making is the logic that finds an appropriate opponent for you. It is not the ranking system to give out rewards etc.

I suggest match making should be based ONLY on the dinosaurs you choose to battle with. Why? Because that’s the only thing differentiating you and your opponent in that moment.

Each player should be given a hidden match making score when they choose to enter the arena. This rank is a result of the following variables:

  • Dinosaurs levels
  • Which Dinosaurs (epic, legendary, unique, etc)

A weighted average could be used to determine if a level 20 raptor is fair to verse against a level 16 stegodeus. These waiting will require some analysis but the principal stands. Your opponent should be determined by the dinosaurs you bring into the arena.

This will not only make match making more fair, but it will also allow all players to have fun using any dinosaurs they enjoy playing with without having to worry about a idominous Rex murdering them.

Please Ludia, consider a dramatic overhaul to your current match making system. Its really disheartening when you love the game and spend hours each enjoying hunting Dinosaurs only to jump into the arena and get slaughtered by higher level dinosaurs.

And just to add, the arena is not simply an extra feature of the game. It’s a core game mechanic for gaining in game currency and DNA and inventive to go out and hunt more dinosaurs.

Please let me know what you guys think of this idea?


Your right about matching players with trophies doesn’t work too many dropping down shenanigans. Would be epic if matchmaking actually took team into account!


Top 500 in trophies get good prizes next season. 4000+ gets prizes. Most players will not delevel if high scores reward. Sure there is a huge non eligible angry slightly banned army who will grief.

Matchmaking teams is cheating. You will keep your dino’s low level so you can beat new inexperienced players with 1000s of matches experience yourself. Delevelers can not win the tournament or get prizes. But low lvl team cheaters are trying to get easy matches, exploit noobs and still win. Team matchmaking is so exploitable its criminal.


I see where you’re coming from but at the end of the day experience should win you the game (law of large numbers cancelling out RNG outcomes).

If I play you in chess and you have more experience then you will most likely win. The point is, I can play again and get better. I can learn the game mechanics and improve my chances of winning.

In the current system you can derank (reduce your trophy count) and use legendary fusion dinosaurs against people who just got their first epic dinosaur. You now give the inexperienced player zero chance of improving their chance of winning because they are vursing dinosaurs much better than their own.

Sure, you can be experienced and intentionally use a low level team to verse new players but at least they have a chance. Also, I think you may be overestimating the “experience” factor to this game. If I’m being honest, knowing the best move in each situation doesn’t require 1000s of matches experience.


So the tournament winner has a bad team didn’t need to build one. And if experience isn’t important that’s like everyone can learn a basic level and there isn’t an advanced level. So the winner is the person who plays the most games.

At least collection and building uber teams shows effort so why not let the best team win.


The best team will win. It’s about versing a team that doesn’t clearly out rank you. Being able to drop to arena 1 with a level 20 indo is stupid. PvP is about learning different dinosaurs and building strategy not simply putting in effort cough money cough to build an uber team.


Lol… this game is not realy hard to understand, and to find out what a good team is you can google it… now just spend hundrets or thousands of dollars or be a good cheater and you can easily go up the ranks


I agree completely! I have a decently powerful team! Then some dinos like the stigymyloch (pardon if spelled wrong) can get priority, go first and stun me! Then I pick a new move and the same thing happens! Like I’ve lost high level creatures and highly armored and mostly every creature is faster, but with the “priority strike” I cant keep a team and I have lost a lot of trophy points and it makes me to where I dont even wanna play this game anymore (even though I truly like it except for the new battling system) and makes me reconsider if I should just delete the darn thing!


Ludia plz fix this. I am at 2900 trophies and I am a level 12. Today I queuded with someone with equal trophies but they were LEVEL 17 and had All LEVEL 20s! They completely destroyed me and it isn’t fun. Find players with similar level and loadout instead of trophies.
I have been trying to get into the new area at 3000 trophies but cannot because of people like these.